Samsung to Initiate OLED Panels for iPhone 15 a Month Earlier Following Production Issues With BOE

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Image: Apple

The iPhone 15 series from Apple will include significant performance and design improvements. To major suppliers like Samsung and BOE, Apple has previously provided the display specs in full. Although manufacturing was supposed to start in June, BOE’s production problems will force Samsung to start OLED display production for the iPhone 15 series a month earlier.

Samsung will handle the issue as Apple’s supplier BOE is experiencing manufacturing problems.

When it comes to the quality of the materials it purchases from its suppliers, Apple is pretty picky. According to the Elec, BOE is having manufacturing problems due to light leaking. This indicates that the display lets light through from a certain area of the screen. In the instance of BOE, the Dynamic Island, which contains all the necessary sensors for Face ID and the front camera, is the source of the light leak.

BOE is attempting to find a solution, and Apple must adhere to stringent timelines. Samsung will now start producing OLED screens a month early for the iPhone 15 variants. With BOE’s light leaking problem in control, Samsung will start manufacturing in May instead of the initially anticipated June start of display production.

The production of OLED panels for the regular iPhone models has been assigned to BOE, while display orders for the “Pro” variants have been set aside for LG and Samsung. As of right now, Apple no longer places orders for BOE, but if the light leaking problem is fixed, it could reconsider. LG, on the other hand, will start manufacturing OLED screens for the iPhone 15 Pro in June.

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