Sony Expected to Lower Pricing For PlayStation 5 in US, Europe & UK

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Based on today’s clues from a very trustworthy leaker, a PlayStation 5 price cut in the United States and Europe may be revealed shortly.

The highly regarded billbil-kun tweeted earlier today a not-so-subtle hint to a PlayStation 5 price cut in the US, UK, and Europe. It would be interesting to watch whether the price of the console will return to the previous one or if it will be going even cheaper since it was increased in Europe and other specific countries owing to inflation.

Sony will undoubtedly benefit from a PlayStation 5 price reduction in certain areas to sell the existing model before the new model is released. The new system, which is claimed to be compatible with a removable disc drive and is sometimes referred to as the PlayStation 5 small, isn’t really a small console at all; rather, it has slightly different proportions. There should be an announcement soon since this new model is reportedly coming out before the year is through.

The standard and digital editions of the PlayStation 5 system are now readily accessible everywhere. Stay tuned for the most recent information as we will keep you informed of any hardware updates as soon as further information becomes available.

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