Nintendo Switch Pro Reportedly Cancelled According to Digital Foundry

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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The most current rumours suggest that while it was in production, there are no longer any plans to release an upgraded Nintendo Switch, thus anybody waiting for its arrival will be disappointed. down. Online rumours of a stronger Switch model have been for years, but nothing ever materialised. It is safe to infer that any plans for a mid-generation update would have been abandoned in favour of beginning work on the next generation given that the hybrid console launched in March 2017.

Numerous rumours and leaks suggested that a Switch Pro may exist, and when an NVIDIA engineer corroborated the Tegra 239’s leaked images, some people began to believe that the Tegra 239 might really be the Switch Pro’s CPU.

According to a report from Digital Foundry, the alleged system did once exist, but multiple unnamed developers confirmed with them that it had been abandoned. The knowledge of its deployment discourages holding out hope.

The Switch family of consoles will still include the basic model, the smaller Switch Lite, which does away with docking capabilities, and the more costly Switch OLED, whose major selling point is having an OLED screen along with other less important changes. This is consistent with Nintendo’s hints on future Switch models.

Later, the report added that Nintendo will instead create a true Switch successor, with a release date more probable in 2024 than 2023, albeit this is only a speculation.

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