There is a mystery door in Demon’s Souls Remake placed by Bluepoint

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Demon’s Souls Remake has made some fans of the series get hyped for the new PlayStation console, but it seems Bluepoint Games has hidden a surprise in the game for newcomers and returning players which has created a shade of mystery.

A mystery door has been spotted in Demon’s Souls Remake

A mysterious new door has been spotted in Demon’s Souls Remake and it has fans questioning on what’s behind it.

You can follow the reddit thread of the door here.

The door is hidden behind an illusory wall, which only adds to the mystery. With the game only out for less than a few days, fans are now gathering information on what the door is, the significance, and how they can unlock it.

It might take some time like another clever Easter egg which Bluepoint did elaborately in 2018, but if they follow old habits, perhaps the door holds some unique armor or weapon?

Bluepoint games is a very strong studio and has a great portfolio. Their most prolific work prior to Demon’s Souls was the Shadow of the Colossus 2018 remake, which also had a secret of its own.

While the Easter egg is too long to go into, Bluepoint went out of their way to add a new secret weapon to the game and made it only accessible to players who would go out of their way to collect a series of collectibles not tied to any trophy.

While the secret can be cracked at any time, fans can find and open the door by visiting the thread and getting the location of it. There have been confirmations that the door was not in the original, as such this is yet another touch that Bluepoint has given to the game which shows their attention to detail for the game.

Hopefully the mystery of the door is solved soon. Fans are all wondering what could be the big secret, but that’s for fans of the game to figure out and for Bluepoint to hold as a guarded secret.

What are your thoughts on what could be behind the mystery door? Let us know in the comments section below!

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