Twitter Will Soon Let You Unsend Tweet But With A Timer

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Twitter is easily one of the web’s biggest social media hangout spots, and while Facebook enjoys the luxury of allowing commentators and post creators to easily and seamlessly edit their posts on the competing social media site, Twitter has yet to introduce such a feature. They could be getting close however with a new experimental feature that will let you Unsend a Tweet, but you have a limited time to do so.

Twitter will soon let you Unsend a Tweet, but you’ll need some fast fingers

Twitter has a lot of problems, but the biggest it has faced for the longest time is the ability for its users to modify or change tweets. While the company has changed the way threads and other interactions occur over the years, no action has been taken to allow users to modify their tweet once its published.

That is all set to change according to a new feature that is currently being tested at Twitter. Similar to Undo Send on Gmail, the new feature will also let users tap on an undo timer to stop a tweet from being published.

The news comes from Jane Manchun Wong, a Twitter user who knows how to find a lot of companies work-in-progress features.

The feature will let you double-check your tweet for errors if you feel like you made a typo but were too hasty in publishing a tweet to make sure.

While the window you have for undoing said tweet is very brief, it is something that could be worked upon.

Gmail’s similar feature allows users up to 5 seconds to unsend an email, so this feature should give you a similar time window should you be having second thoughts about hitting that Tweet button.

As with a lot of Jane’s tweets, these features can either roll out within a week, or months from now. Twitter is still testing the feature internally and from there it will take time for it to steadily roll out to desktop, tablet, and smartphones as an embedded feature.

While this isn’t the highly sough after edit tweet button, Twitter’s unsend tweet button is a good starting point.

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