What can online games teach us?

Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith
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Games have become a normal part of modern childhood. Video games if played in abundance can act as a potential danger as too much of something is never good. When too many games are played in a rightful manner which means keeping a check upon since how long you have been playing and what all game you are choosing to play then they act as powerful tools that can help in developing skills that can accompany you for a lifetime.

Patience and perseverance

Games that make you grind your brain help build the feelings of patience and perseverance in you. The grind centric games will make your brain work harder and facilitate thinking in you.

Video games help to improve focus in children

Attention span

Playing video games can increase the attention span of the kids and adults too. Researchers say that kids who regularly play game filter out the distractions that the non-gamers cannot easily. Playing games requires a lot of attention and dedication throughout so it trains the mind too to avoid any kind of distractions while studying, reading or doing any regular task.

Video games help to improve problem-solving skills

Studies conducted on subjects have shown that playing games work on the following aspects when played by anyone regularly; planning, organization and flexible thinking.

Playing video games helps to boost creativity in kids


Kids have a high level of creativity and curiosity to create everything new. If in the right way kids and their activities are manipulated then it will be helpful to them in the long run. And what other best way could be to teach them something other than games. After all, games are loved by kids and adults alike.  Imagine a kid playing a strategy game, while doing so he/she would plot, plan and make some smart moves to win the game. The child’s mind would be flooded with thoughts about making the next smart move, making possible predictions, telling the stories, drawing imagination in mind and what not. So, keeping the child engaged in games can help boost creativity in a child.

Video games will help to reduce stress

Children, teenagers, young adults, and even older people face the problem of stress and depression. Playing video games require a lot of thought and attention. All the problems simply plan to vanish away when the mind is busy doing other activities other than over thinking about anything in particular.

Video games can help boost reading skills

Improve reading skills

In February 2013, Italian researchers submitted evidence telling that playing computer games can people by improving their reading skills.

They took a group of children aged between 7 and 13 and gave them 2 totally different games to play, the name of one game was “Rayman Raving Rabbids”, a high paced game while the other groups were made to play a that was really slow paced. After when the two groups were tested they found out that the ones who played the action game were able to read more accurately.

Video games can help in improving the multi-tasking skills

To handle the adverse situations in life one needs to have intensive situation awareness and the management skills needed to play computer games. Developing multi-tasking skills is great as it helps to change the overall productivity in general.

Video games are a great mental therapy

Mental Therapy

Video games are used for rehabilitating children. Video games are a great way for engaging children and developing new skills within them and this approach is being used in different industries and all these ways are totally contradictory to one another.

Video games help to improve the hand-eye coordination

When someone plays a video game they train their body to automatically work on the hand-eye coordination. Playing games helps make good hand-eye coordination. When you multi-task you have to handle the joystick, strategize, plan the moves, etc. Managing so many things at the same time will prepare you to handle much-complicated things at the same time.

Video games help to build a bond

Monotonous and busy city life has affected the relations between people and families in a very bad way and so if not anything else then at least now people can now bond over video games. Just playing a game together can help to build the broken bonds and bring people together. If you have a child with whom you are not able to communicate on regular basis then playing games can lead to sparking of a normal conversation which in turn may encourage your child to talk about the things that you need to know about.



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