You Can Use PS VR2 on PC But It Will Require Additional Hardware

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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According to a new rumour, the PS VR2 headset may be used on a PC, but it will need extra gear to function, hardware that has yet to be conceived and built.

The creator of the driver known as iVRy, who enables the original PS VR headset to be used on PCs, claimed on Twitter that the latest headset designed by Sony for its PlayStation 5 console was incompatible with PCs because it prevented DSC from being forced using an AMD Open Source Linux GPU driver.

As a result, the developer is now aware of how to switch the headset into VR mode, which will enable the creation of new hardware that will enable the headset to function on a PC.

Even though there are many of VR headsets for PC, the PS VR2 would be nice to have access to because of some of its special characteristics. As Kai noted in his assessment, the cost is a touch excessive, but it is somewhat balanced by the kind of experience it can deliver.

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