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Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith
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Life without gadgets? Are you serious? Not in my book! The world is entirely conquered by gadgets and if you are not in the gadget gang, you may be considered an alien! Welcome to the world of gadgets and let’s find out the coolest ones you need to possess. Choice paralysis is something that is affecting us when we have to choose which gadget to buy and which one to ignore. Actually, all of them are so attractive that we are lured to have them all. But the fact is, we cannot have all and thus; need to know which are worth buying. Here we have the list of 10 must have gadgets 2018 for your consideration.

The Smartphone

The Smartphone

The very first thing we need to communicate these days is the phone – a smartphone to be precise. This device is able to cater to most of the necessities of our communication. Be it just talking or staying connected over the social media, Smart phones are like mini computers with which you can perform several actions. A smartphone with top rated features as great camera (both sides) and good storage capacity will be worth buying this year. Check out for the best deals on smart phones and make sure to get the one with larger screen and higher MP cameras.

The Laptop

The laptop

You need a computer to be a part of the global workforce. A desktop is good, but to be a part of the mobile workforce, you need to have a laptop. A laptop will give you the power and flexibility similar to that of a desktop computer. Portability is the key factor that makes a laptop popular over the desktop. It is true that you cannot have printers attached to a laptop all the time, but that can be adjusted according to requirements. Laptops are not too costly these days and they come with different types of configuration combinations – all you need to do is to buy the one according to your necessity.



QLED TV is the most happening thing in visual entertainment. We are all accustomed with the LED televisions, but the new QLED TV is the hot-cake in entertainment arena. The ?Q’ in QLED TV stands for Quantum Dots, a technology that is able to produce more heavily saturated and precisely defined primary colours from the blue LEDs as compared to the broad and imprecise light spectrum of the white LEDs. The result is stunning colours and super sharp picture quality. This television is sure to change your visual experience completely and thus; it is worth buying the QLED TV this year.

The Game Console

Game consoles

If you are a serious gamer then it is needless to say how important it will be to own the most updated version of gaming console. A good games console needs to be the combination of high quality hardware, great games and most importantly great price. It will not be too hard to find the right combination. You can obviously play games on your PC, but the prime advantage of gaming consoles over the PC is the cost. If you need the device just for the purpose of playing, it is the console that you must consider. Moreover, a console will give you the feeling of real playing instead of having to handle the keyboard.

The Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers

Staying fit is important and modern gadgets have enabled us to keep track of our fitness levels with ease. Having a fitness tracker will be great as you will not only be able to stay fit, but also help you to have the insights of underlying health issues (if any). The fitness tracker will encourage your physical activity along with several other benefits like measuring the heart rate, providing insights about your sleep patterns, encouraging you to eat healthy etc. Fitness trackers are precise devices which you can wear on the wrist and hence you will be able to have a style statement with this gadget.

The Camera

DSLR Camera

It is needless to say how important a camera is in our lives – it is not just a device, but a way to capture all our memories. Days for analogue cameras are gone and we are in the age of DSLRs. Obviously you can use your mobile phone camera to shoot randomly, but if you are interested in real photography, a DSLR is a must. The DSLRs are so efficient that even an amateur photographer will be able to shoot like a pro. If you are slightly interested in photography, it is the DSLR camera that you really need to have this year.

The Tablet

Tablet PC

Are you looking for truly advanced portability for all your computer related works? You definitely need to have a tablet this year. Whether you need the work to be done or just for entertainment purpose, tablets will give you the best advantage of portability. This gadget is not just portable; it is stylish and powerful as well. The price factor is also important when you need to choose between a laptop and a tablet. The tablet will let you do all your works while on the go and at the same time be a constant entertainer if you need so.

The Smart Watch

Smart watches

The world is getting smart and so are the gadgets. The smart watch is perhaps going to be the best travel buddy that will sit on your wrist. This gadget makes everything seem easy in your life. Be it finding your phone or the key, a smart watch will do everything for you. Are you unable to carry your smart phone but at the same time need to check on the notifications appearing on it? The smart watch will do the job for you! It even works as a fitness tracker if you want. Are you looking for a classy and sleek style statement? The smart watch can be the best thing to fulfil your wish.

The Headphones


Are you fond of music? You must have a good headphone to stay surrounded by what you love. Headphones these days have gone smart too and they are wireless as well. You need to choose the right type of headphones for your lifestyle. In case you need it outdoors, go for the lightweight and wireless ones. On the other hand, a headphone for indoor use can be the larger over-ears to make the music experience better. Make sure what type you need and then look for the best ones according to your budget. It is advised to choose the ones with great sound quality instead of just the looks as poor quality sound from the headphones will not just ruin your experience, but will harm your ears as well.

The Power Bank

Power banks

We are so dependent on gadgets these days that we need them even if we are at the remotest corner of the world. It is thus obvious that we will need constant power for the gadgets we use on a daily basis. In order to keep all your gadgets working, you need the most efficient power source and that too when you are not at home. Individual gadgets do not have high power storage capacity and they need to be recharged often. A power bank is thus the most important gadget you need to own. Choose the right power bank for all your necessities and make sure that you do not end up buying a less powerful one as compared to your necessity.

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