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Ugreen makes some of the best third-party chargers, and the Nexode Pro Charger review explores its latest line of robust charging solutions. If you are looking for a charger that can declutter your work desk, you won’t go wrong with one of Ugreen’s offerings. I benefited from the biggest Nexode Pro Charger, a whopping 160W.

Almost all devices, including the latest Macbooks, have USB Type C ports. So, having a charger that can reliably deliver power and charge multiple devices while not taking up a lot of space is a huge plus. The Nexode Pro Charger series comes with USB Type-C and at least one Type-A port, making it easier to charge multiple devices with just one charger.


Ugreen Nexode Pro Charger package

The Nexode Pro Chargers come in a neat box that protects them from damage. The packaging is slim and doesn’t take up much space. Inside, you’ll find the charger suspended with the help of a mould and some paperwork. There are no cables included with the charger.

Tech Specs

Contents inside the box
Wattage65W, 100W, 160W
Charger TypeGallium Nitride
ColorMetallic Grey
Ports3-4 Ports


Side profile of the chargers

I was very impressed by the chargers’ design during the Nexode Pro Charger review. There are no sharp edges on the charger; everything flows smoothly. Ugreen took inspiration from Apple and used a rounded-edge design on the chargers. The design is as slim as possible, especially considering how much power the chargers pack. I love Ugreen’s designs. I regularly use the Ugreen OTG card reader for my camera, and it’s a neat-looking device.

Gallium Nitride chargers are efficient and smaller than older chargers, so they take up less space. However, they have a certain heft and weight. The biggest of the lot is pretty heavy and can fall out of loose power sockets. I don’t recommend having loose sockets; those are a fire hazard. The smallest 65W charger can easily be carried in a bag but isn’t pocketable. 

Build Quality

Plugs on Ugreen Nexode Pro Charger

The Nexode Pro Chargers pull no stops when it comes to build quality. Metal wraps around the flat sides of the chargers. The top uses some plastic, but that is also of high quality. The Nexode Pro Chargers are expensive, so I expected them to be of premium quality. Thankfully, Ugreen delivered on robust build quality with the latest line.

Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W Charger

Ports on the Ugreen Nexode Pro Charger

The smallest of the lot, the Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W charger, is a compact cube-shaped guy. The charger is priced at 56$ and comes with three ports, two USB Type C and one Type A. The main port on the charger can deliver the full 65W of power to devices. It was able to charge a MacBook Air M1 pretty fast. All three ports will drop the main port’s output to 45W, so I don’t recommend replacing it as a work desk charger. It can work great as a travel companion, like the Acefast A45 charger.

Ugreen Nexode Pro 100W Charger

Small charger

The 100W model of the Nexode Pro Charger hits the sweet spot for me. It has the right amount of power to charge most laptops, phones, and accessories while keeping a relatively slim profile. I’ve seen and tested a couple of 100W chargers; none are as small as the Nexode Pro Charger version. It can quickly charge a Macbook Pro in around an hour or so. I tested it with a friend’s Macbook, and it topped it to half in 30 minutes. Apple’s charger is more significant than Nexode’s. The 100W version comes with two Type-C and one Type-A port. If you need a charger for your laptop and smartphone, I recommend this one.  

Ugreen Nexode Pro 160W Charger

Angled look

The flagship offering in the Nexode Pro Charger lineup, the 160W chunky charger, is impressive. It has become a permanent fixture on my office desk as it can easily power multiple devices without showing any sign of slowing down. The giant charger has four ports, three Type C and one Type A. I regularly power my Windows laptop with it, and it performs satisfactorily.

Ports in use

I couldn’t test a MacBook Pro with it, but Ugreen claims it can charge the 16-inch model halfway in under 30 minutes. If you want to replace multiple chargers on your work desk, the Nexode Pro Charger 160W is the best solution. It is way smaller than the Nexode 300W charger but has less power, although not everyone needs 300W.


The Nexode Pro Charger review was a joy to write simply because the products are of high quality. The chargers cost more than first-party power adapters, but their convenience is invaluable. Their great build quality, nice port selection, and steady power delivery make them my choice for work desk charging.

Review Overview
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