9 New Gadgets We May See in the Future!

Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith
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The future has always been an alluring and an anticipated timeframe by the whole of mankind. The unpredictability factor that comes with it has had a lot of
people have itchy brains of what to expect from it. With the dawn of technology which has grown by leaps and bounds most of what we have been picturing
about the future has come to fruition and we are satisfied with the results we see.
The question that continues to linger in most people’s minds is what will come next? This fascination has been an object of many literature and movie pieces
which try to depict the future. Here at the gadget gang, we have the same fascination and really interested in what new gadgets and inventions the future has in
store for us. They say necessity is the mother of invention and will compel the coming up of new concepts to make our lives easier.
These are among the gadgets we may see in future:

1. Medical Nanobot Kit

Medical Gadget
The nanobot technology is still in its infancy steps but comes with high and valid promises of revolutionizing technology. In the medical field, nanotechnology
has been given a keen eye due to its potential to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses.
In the medical field, the concept will be to use these microscopic robots to enter the body mostly through an injection and go to an illness localised site to help
fight the pathogenic agents. They will be programmed to only fight the pathogens and will function in the same way as white blood cells in keeping diseases at
bay. The medical nanobot kit will come with these nanobots and the necessary equipment for their administration. This kit if actualized will rank in the same
place as vaccination.

2. Levitating Shoes


For ages, it has been man’s dream to fly like the birds in the sky, a necessity that led to the invention of the airplane. But how cool would it be to just hover over
the air on your own without facing jetlag or being in a pressurized chamber? Awesome! This is the concept behind the levitating shoes that will use the laws of
aerodynamics and magnetism to ensure that the sky will be the limit. Still, in infancy stages, this is an invention that our grandchildren or great-grandchildren
may enjoy at their prime.

3. Memory Actualization Contact Lenses

Memory Actualization Contact Lenses

Many a time you have been in a situation that you spotted or experienced something so graceful and unimaginable but didn’t have the recording capacity to
save it to show it to your peers later. This might be a thing of the past with the invention of this memory actualization contact lenses.
This gadget will be able to record your experiences in form of electrical impulses from your sensory organs and store them in its memory. When you want to
share it, you will put the lenses, which are microchipped, into a chamber and it will show your experience and visuals in 4-dimension.
This gadget will prove important in the tourism sector to share experiences and also in the law enforcement sector to help with evidence gathering.

Noise Harnessing Electric Device

Noise harnessing
Noise is seen as a disturbing element and something that has a lot of people frowning or holding their ears every time it is in the vicinity. Picture this, you are
running after the noise for you to charge your phone or laptop. It may seem crazy but in the near future, this will be a reality. The noise harnessing electric
device will be able to harness the sound waves from the noise and convert it to electric energy to power up our households.
The hooting in the city streets may soon be a blessing as it carries the potential to light up the city. Also if you are in the club, rarely will you complain of a low
battery charge as the noise will be an electric goldmine with this device.

An Anti-Impact Backpack

Anti-fall backpack
This is a device that will guarantee your safety in case of any impact that may prove to be deadly to your body including falls and hits. This backpack when
worn will produce a mesh that will spread over your body to cushion it against impact. The backpack will be triggered by gravity and mechanical impact and
will be made out of a shock absorbing material. With this gadget out, we may say goodbye to sport-related injuries.

Homeostatic Body Wear

Homeostatic Body Wear
This is a body kit that will help the body maintain a constant internal environment. It will function to either increase or reduce body heat in addition to detecting
changes in your pulse rate and try to curb it in case of an emergency till help arrives. This kit will also be able to detect changes in body weight courtesy of the
shoes as well as giving important measurements such as waist to hip ratio.

4-Dimension Pens

4-Dimension Pens
This will be a revolutionary gadget that will be most appreciated by the art community. An artist will draw an impression and it will appear as it is in real life
with all features intact. This will be helpful in architecture in designing buildings and also picturing what hitches to be expected and their respective control

Invisibility Covers

Invisibility Covers
Just by the sound of the name invisibility, most will picture an unachievable science fiction movie concept. However, the invisibility cover will be a common
gadget in the future if all goes well. This gadget will help in concealing stuff will utilize the principles of mirrors and reflection laws so that one will be in a
state of illusion as you will not see what is concealed as the view will remain the same.
This will be a good invention to be used in espionage in national security to trail and capture terrorists.

Self-Driven Cars

self-driven cars
A sort of cliché in the most anticipated gadgets of all time, it is no secret that mankind has been patiently waiting for this invention to materialize. These
vehicles are at the time a concept and many designs have been created. At this pace we are sure to do away with drivers as this programmed cars will prove
more efficient and less prone to accidents.

Definitely, a lot of gadgets are expected to be conceptualized and developed in the coming future and we the gadget gang are keeping our eyes open to see them
as is our hope. If not we wish that our generations will be able to have the pleasure of having these gadgets. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more gadget reviews and news only at The Gadget Gang.

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