Apple to Feature “Dynamic Island” in All Variants of the iPhone 15

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Apple is adding Dynamic Island to the regular iPhone 15 models this year, putting them on parity with the “Pro” devices. It was originally assumed that the display size of the iPhone 15 will be the same as the iPhone 14. But, according to the most recent sources, the iPhone 15’s basic model will have a somewhat larger display than the iPhone 14 had.

CAD renderings created by Ian Zelbo and acquired by 9to5mac indicate that the iPhone 15’s smaller edition will have a 6.2-inch screen instead of a 6.1-inch. Despite the slight increase in display size, it is unclear whether the modification will also be made to the “Pro” model. Be aware that the iPhone 14 Pro’s body is a few millimeters smaller than the iPhone 14’s. With the aid of thinner bezels and a deeper curve on each of the screen’s four corners, it was able to fit the same display onto the device.

If the iPhone 15’s body is identical to the iPhone 14’s, its slightly bigger screen may be the result of reduced bezels. Furthermore unknown at this time is if the iPhone 15 Pro’s screen size will be increased by the manufacturer. The smallest smartphone in the lineup this year will be the iPhone 15 Pro if it doesn’t.

Apple is simplifying the iPhone 15 portfolio by adding Dynamic Island to the base models, but it may also provide distinct features. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro versions are expected to include better cameras, an enhanced A17 Bionic processor based on TSMC’s 3nm technology, and solid-state capacitive buttons. The A16 Bionic processor with physical buttons may come in the basic iPhone 15 versions.

Stay tuned for updates on the most recent features and modifications that will be included in the iPhone 15 range.

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