Apple Rumored to Release USB-C Version of EarPods Following iPhone 15 Launch

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Apple will introduce its iPhone 15 series with a USB-C connector rather than a Lightning port for the first time in the company’s history of iPhone launches. The company’s wired earbuds are allegedly already in mass production so as to be ready for future customers as earlier EarPods cannot be connected to the newer devices.

When the iPhone 15 family is released, it seems that the USB-C version will be marketed alongside the Lightning EarPods, which are now available for $19 on Apple’s website. Mass manufacture of the new audio accessories is already in progress, according to trustworthy tipper ShrimpApplePro, indicating that Apple will transition to the new interface in a few months. A ‘3.5mm audio to USB-C adaptor’ for users of current headphones or earphones is not yet verified to be offered.

The tipper makes no mention of whether or not the iPhone 15 will work with non-Apple earbuds using the same connection or if Apple would find a method to software lock such items.

Since Apple stopped including a 3.5mm audio port in its iPhones, EarPods have become more and more popular since they provide a simple solution that enables users to plug in the cable and listen to music, videos, podcasts, or other material. Since we do not anticipate Apple to enhance the build quality of the USB-C models, careless customers will probably wind up replacing them in a few months, much to Apple’s delight.

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