The Best Fast Chargers For Xiaomi Mi 11

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Dan Westrop
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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed that Xiaomi Mi 11 will not come with a charger. The phone maker company’s decision was spurred by the intent to reduce the strain that plastic creates on the environment. Regardless, it is still a bummer if you don’t already own one or was just hoping to use your brand new Mi 11 alongside your new charger.

On the flip side, this means that you have the freedom to choose a good charger from the market, and we will help you out with that.

Xiaomi Mi 11 comes with a relatively high charging wattage of 55W compared to iPhone 12’s which is set at 20W. But we got you covered as all the options from our list suits the phone’s wattage. Additionally, even though Mi 11 Pro is yet to be released, you will still be able to use this same charger when it is finally out.

Best Chargers For Xiaomi Mi 11

That being said, let’s check out some great fast chargers that will be a perfect fit for your Xiaomi Mi 11.

1: RAVPower 61W

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Though not the smallest fast charger on our list, RAVPower still comes in a compact size thanks to the GaN tech and Pi chipset. Despite its small size, RAVPower packs a punch with its 61W output. This fast charger boasts of not only keeping the adapter cool but also reducing power wastage hence increasing efficiency. We appreciate their effort as higher efficiency equals less charging time.

Need a fast charger for your laptop too? Once you are done charging your Mi 11 you can plug in the Type C charger to your laptop if compatible. The reduction in waiting time when using this fast charger even for laptops is significant as it takes 2 hours less to fully charge a MacBook Pro compared to its standard charger.

Since fast chargers deal directly with high power outputs, it is great to get one with reliable protection and RAVPower comes with just that. It features built-in safeguards responsible for preventing overcharging and short-circuiting. Even though RAVPower regulates temperatures, sometimes high temperatures are unavoidable but the built-in safeguard ensures the temperatures are within safe limits.

Things we like

  • Great size for its capacity
  • The prongs fold to make it even more compact
  • Reliable safeguards

Things we didn’t like

  • Only has one port

2: AUKEY Omnia 65W

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Fast charger manufacturers always try to reduce the size of their products and AUKEY Omnia fast charger is no exception. It is almost half the size of the apple 61W USB-C which makes it considerably lighter as it ties with Anker as the lightest in our list weighing a whopping 3.52 ounce.

AUKEY Omnia is reliable in terms of speed as it features the Omnia GaN chip that is an improved version of the company’s previous chips. This fast charger is rated at 65W which still amazes us on how such a small charger could be so powerful.

Why charge one device when you can charge two? Despite its compact size, AUKEY Omnia can fast charge your Xiaomi Mi 11 alongside another extra device simultaneously. When both devices are plugged in, AUKEY fast charger can output a maximum of 70% of the power of the charger with a maximum of 45W Power Delivery in each port.

Like most high-quality fast chargers, it comes with an inbuilt safeguard to protect your Mi 11 from excessive current, overcharging, and overheating.

Things we like

  • Light and compact
  • Comes with two ports

Things we didn’t like

  • Not great for MacBooks

3: RAVPower 61W

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RAVPower 3.0 wall charger also lives up to the brand name just like its counterpart on our list. It comes with the same matte design that looks and feels classy. We love that it maintains its compactness even with additional features and only records a couple of ounces increase in its weight.

The most noticeable change from its counterpart is the addition of an extra USB type A 12W port. The USB type C port on the other hand is 61W Power Delivery capable. When the two ports are used simultaneously, the USB type C will output 45W while type A retains its 12W. This model also features an upgraded ismart 2.0 technology, which detects the charging input and matches it up to your Xiaomi Mi 11 to appropriately optimize for the fastest charging speed possible.

RAVPower does not compromise on the use of quality materials, both in the exterior and most importantly the interior. Due to this, the inbuilt safeguard will make sure that your phone is safe and help to regulate annoying occurrences like overheating.

We also love that the foldable design is incorporated making it easy to store the charger in your bag while still acting as a mechanism to protect the prongs.

Things we like

  • Ismart 2.0 technology
  • Features two ports

Things we didn’t like

  • Cannot fast charge Chromebook

4: Anker 60W 2-Port

Being just as small as AUKEY, Anker comes with a design that features smoother edges. For some reason, this makes it look even more compact. Combine this with the retractable prongs, and you have all the features needed for a good portable fast charger for your Xiaomi Mi 11.

Anker fast charger puts up competitive numbers in terms of speed, as it can charge an iPhone 12 to 50% in just 25 minutes. Bye-bye waiting! What’s great with Anker is that it performs well with a wide variety of phone models. Whether you’ll be using it exclusively for your Mi 11 or different phones in your household, it’s all good.

Speaking of household chargers, this fast charger comes with two ports that can charge two devices simultaneously. In this case, a maximum of 30W PD is achieved in each port. Unlike the RAVPower above, both ports are USB type C. Above the two ports features a visually pleasing LED light to guide you on the charging status.

Also, Anker will ensure both you and your devices are safe through its multi protect safety technology.

Things we like

  • Consistent fast charging speed
  • Foldable prongs

Things we didn’t like

  • Does not come with a cable


Amazon product

CHOETECH Type C fast charger is the biggest and heaviest on our list. Though somehow it still manages to be 30% smaller than the standard MacBook Pro charger. Just because it is a few ounces heavier does not mean it is not a reliable option as it goes toe to toe with the best fast chargers in terms of speed. This is great news for your Xiaomi Mi 11.

For instance, it takes MacBook air only 1.6 hours to fully charge. Rated at 60W PD, its charging speed rivals that of RAVPower which is rated 61W PD. And due to its power rating and universal compatibility, it can be used to charge a wide range of different devices.

However, the CHOETECH type C charger comes with only one port. Regardless, this does not take anything away from this smart and powerful fast charger. It is smart because it comes fitted with an intelligent chip that will match the current to your device to prevent damage through overheating and the use of excess voltage.

CHOETECH wall charger comes with a USB C to C cable in its box making it the only charger in our list that includes the cable in its box.

Things we like

  • Fast charging speeds
  • Reliable safeguards

Things we didn’t like

  • Relatively bigger and heavier


We mentioned earlier that a great charger for your Xiaomi Mi 11 should have two essential features: compactness and power. Since we handpicked the best options, all the chargers on our list come with these two great features. However, some manufacturers go a step further to make the user experience even better.
A great example is Anker that lets you charge two devices simultaneously. Keep reading GadgetGang to find out the latest tech trends, and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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