Bethesda Teases A New Indiana Jones Game By Wolfenstein Developers

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Indiana Jones games are something of an archaeological interest themselves now. The last game in this strange franchise was released over 11 years ago (yes, that’s how old 2009 is). In fact, you might be in the minority if you’re a fan of the Indiana Jones games. No judgment here; nostalgia is one hell of a drug. It kinda says something that the most well-received game of the franchise was a LEGO game.

Alas, there is hope for Indiana Jones and his fedora in the modern times. In the midst of all the reboots, remakes, and nostalgia-fueled games Bethesda comes in to try to stir things up.

New Indiana Jones Game To Be Published By Bethesda

Say what you will about Bethesda as a publisher. However, the records show they consistently release some of the best video games out there. Especially when they team up with Machine Games, the current developer of the Wolfenstein series – another revived franchise.

In a tweet from Bethesda, we saw a clear teaser for a new Indiana Jones game. To drive the point harder, Machine Games replied to the tweet confirming that they will be the studio handling this new title. Although we do not know much more about what’s behind the scenes, there are a few loose ends worth speculating about.

After all, it has been known for a while that Disney is working on a fifth Indiana Jones movie. The movie is set to be released mid next year (July 29, 2022) after undergoing development hell. While movie tie-ins are a thing of the past (that’s a chapter no one should ever revisit) it’s difficult to imagine that the timing of this title is completely unrelated. Whether the game will use the hype from the movie or the other way around, it is clear that Disney wants to generate interest again in the franchise.

So, hold onto your whips. We know that Machines Games has treated old IPs with a lot of reverence before. It is at least exciting to see what they can do with Indiana Jones and its unique world of historical fantasy.

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