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    Hello, I am Hatem, a tech and gaming enthusiast who spends disproportionate amounts of time speculating rumors and refreshing his feed for tech news. Always excited about the next big thing!
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    Pokemon Gen 4 Remakes in November 2021, Says Credible Leaker

    Leaker Kelios reveals Pokemon Gen 4 remakes set to be released November 2021. Pokemon New Snap and Detective Pikachu also coming next year.

    Ace Attorney 7, Released Q3 2021

    It's been a tough week for Capcom. The attack and leaks have been coming nonstop. Just 2 days ago (on 15 November)...

    Rumor: Bethesda Developing a New Title

    All fingers point to a new Bethesda game(s?) being in development. Bethesda Game Studios Montreal and Austin are hiring and the job...

    Good News: PS5 May be Supersampling 4K

    Before the dust settles, people are still exploring their new next-gen toys. The PS5 release date was 12 Nov. That means it...