Custom Software Development: What Is Programming?

    So what is a computer program? Custom software is a sequence of instructions executed by a PC. A computer is any device that can process code. This includes desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, ATMs, Raspberry Pi, servers, etc.

    Custom software development is the most popular activity of the custom software development company. Over the years of successful work in this area, we have accumulated vast experience in implementing custom projects of varying degrees of laboriousness, science intensiveness and complexity: from small programs to automate private business to large enterprise management systems.

    At the moment, the largest number of orders for software development we carry out in the field of solutions for electronic commerce on the Internet. A feature of this direction for us is a rather high degree of functional unification and customizability of the applied components developed by our engineers taking into account the experience gained. This allowed us to significantly reduce production costs (which are traditionally high the custom software development firm because of the need to implement most of the application components from scratch) and successfully work in this highly competitive market.

    Corporate IT Solutions in the Bespoke Software Development


    Historically, the second market in order (but not in importance) for us has become the market of large corporate solutions. The custom development of such systems requires the highest professionalism, primarily from business analysts and architects.

    This is due to the high functional richness and the need to use complex multi-level architectures to provide flexibility and scalability. Having passed a good school and gained rich development experience, our analysts and architects are ready to take on tasks of almost any complexity and successfully solve them. The second fundamental component of the success of custom development of enterprise-wide systems is the stability of the process and the predictability of results at any stage.

    Over the years, we have selected the best practices of standard processes and adapted them to the conditions of our custom software development agency, creating our own fairly easy, flexible and reliable development process.

    Benefits of Cooperation with Us

    software development

    Often, custom development of an enterprise management system or its components includes migration from legacy platforms. This is a rather complicated process, which has its own characteristics: the need to attract specialists on appropriate platforms, maintaining compatibility with existing equipment to ensure a phased transition to a new system, and a thorough study of the migration process to eliminate possible data loss. Our specialists are not familiar with the problems that arise during the migration process and have everything necessary to not only successfully solve them but also to prevent their occurrence.

    Development of custom solutions for the mobile platforms iPhone, Android Blackberry, Windows Mobile is the area of ​​our company’s activity and we succeeded in a short time to create a highly professional team, the capabilities of which have already been appreciated by our large customers, who have long been working with us in the field of enterprise-level systems (increasingly, mobile devices are integrated into production and control systems).

    For more information, contact our managers.

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