PDF to word converter

Simplest ways to convert PDF to Word

Unfortunately, there isn't a document file format that is universal. For different purposes, you might need to send exactly the same text but in different formats, be it Word, PDF, TXT,...

Dualbooting – How to Synchronize Your PC Clock on Windows and Linux

All tech enthusiasts run at least two operating systems from the same PC. Whether you are using your laptop for gaming or educational purposes, it is convenient to run an additional...

DigitalOcean Vs Vultr: Which VPS Service Is Better?

When infrastructure as a self-managed and service cloud VPS is concerned, Vultr and DigitalOcean are definitely cut from a similar cloth when you look at the grand scheme. But, with that...
delete skype

How to Delete Skype Account

Microsoft owns and operates Skype among many of its services. Skype is a VoIP and messaging service that many businesses and corporates find useful for quick communication among their teams. But...
is my hard drive failing

Signs Your Old Hard Drive is Dying and How to Save it

The evolution of data storage technology is one of the most astonishing feats of the modern era. Back in 1725, people had to rely on punch cards to store information in...
3D modelling info-graphic

What industries use 3D modelling (Infographic)

3D modeling has come a long way since its invention. With images that are currently indistinguishable from actual photos, product visualization is now more widespread than ever. Many industries use 3D...
Android app development

3 Android App Development Essentials You Must Know

There are many cool and functional features coming along with the modern-day mobile applications. Whatever we think of doing, there could be a smartphone app to fulfill it. Android app store...
Android Apps

The Top 10 Best FREE Android Apps

We are in an era where the use of computers and smartphones is almost a mandatory requirement for everyone. But we know that we spend more time with our smartphones wherever...

How to Back Up and Transfer HDD Data with Clonezilla

We use computer hard disks to store many things. Apart from booting your favorite OS, your HDD might be carrying important files and documents you never want to lose. That is...
Ubuntu 18.04.1 GNOME

Tips for Making Ubuntu Desktop Run Faster on Your Laptop

Of recent days, Windows 10 has shown relentless disappointments to their users. There have been problems with various updates to the systems. Many business computers may have become unusable because the...

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