Elden Ring is NOT Coming to Taipei Game Show

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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Previously, we reported that Elden Ring may be revealed at Taipei Game Show in January 2021, but after the latest Livestream from Taipei Game Show, it seems that Elden Rings is not at Taipei Gameshow.

Official reply in the (now archived) live chat of Taipei Game Show
Official reply in the (now archived) live chat of Taipei Game Show

The rumour was started when video game journalist Jeff Grubb ‘confirmed’ that we’ll quite likely have our first look at Elden Ring in “not any longer than 1-2 months” paired with the fact that it was supposed to be at Taipei Game Show back in 2020, which was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Being as hyped as From Software’s upcoming game is, the rumour had spread like a wildfire. The chat was spamming questions about Elden Ring and its reveal. The viewers were totally overlooking the current presentations as they could hardly hold their excitement for Elden Ring. That was until the organizers themselves had to step in and confirm that Elden Ring is NOT at Taipei Game Show.

Elden Ring meme
A meme depicting the accurate reactions of Elden Ring fans watching the livestream

What followed was a series of rants, a few cusses and a lot of disappointment. Taipei Game Show once again stepped in to confirm that we will see other games’ gameplay, but Elden Ring is not on the floor. The follow-up chat was supposed to stabilize the live chat, but all it did was agitate them.

Follow up chat
Follow up chat

A few hours before the stream, an anticiapting fan of Elden Ring Tweeted at Jeff Grub, asking about the game after his previous claims of the game being revealed in the next 30 days. To this, Jeff responded with:

“Can you give me 60?”

Furthermore, Grubb clarified that he does not have “perfect” information and has heard some things from different people that “give (him) optimizim” about the game’s reveal.

Right now, all our hopes of seeing the game at Taipei Game Show, or rather in the near future, have been completely crushed. Now, all we can do it set our eyes on the next big gaming event, E3, to have our first look at the game.

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