Future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Mikey Sebastian
Mikey Sebastian
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Is Artificial Intelligence or AI a big thing already or is it still in the category of being the ‘next big thing?’ Truth is that question we can’t fully answer right now. However, one thing we’re sure about is that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Anyway, back to why we’re here. The future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence software. It’s only just recently this tech has proven to be quite useful. People have kind of started to like see the direction it’s headed. Companies like Uber and Google have started to show the practical applications of such technology.

So, what is Artificial Intelligence really? For those of you that don’t know, it’s basically tech that involves machines showing intelligence. Simple as that. However, the intellectual capabilities the machines show is still not at par with human-level thinking (for now!). Nevertheless, one can’t help but notice how rapid this tech is evolving. They’re starting to show some striking resemblance to human thought processes. Some robots have even been known to mimic human intelligence and emotion quite accurately.

There’re infinite possibilities when it comes to what the future holds concerning AI. Artificial Intelligence has the capability of transforming every single industry. Especially the transport and education sector.   An area that we sense will be impacted hugely by this technology id the automated transport industry. Humans naturally make a lot of mistakes and are fragile when driving is concerned. Automated transport and driving will probably cause accident rate’s to drop drastically.


The Machine Learning Approaches

Now, when it comes to Machine Learning, this is basically the study on how you can make machines learn in different ways. It could be with learning structures but no training, after a little training, or learning over a period of some time using punishment and reward mechanisms. When it comes to the subtopics under AI, Machine Learning (ML) is undoubtedly one of the hottest of them all.

Machine thinks Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


  1. Supervised Learning (SL) Approach

One of the most popular approaches when it comes to ML is definitely Supervised Learning. In this approach at the training phase, you begin with using data-sets to adapt and train some structure to those said data-sets. Once one has managed to adapt this structure to the data-set what happens then is new forms or examples of that similar data-set type is submitted to the system structure for prediction. This prediction phase is what’s technically known as the second phase. Since now the structure has been trained to effectively predict data that comes from the said data-set, it should then have the ability, with some considerable degree of success, to predict all other incoming examples. The most common examples of Supervised Learning approaches are Decision Trees, Neural Networks or Support Vector Machines


  1. Unsupervised Learning (UL) Approach

In this approach, an algorithm accompanies the data-set. It is then made to learn the data-set’s structure by employing a certain type of UL technique. Data-set structure learning generally means features and patterns are learned from this said data-set. For instance, Clustering, which is a classic Computer Science problem, is one of the most common examples of an Unsupervised Learning technique. You’ll find its application in several areas including Business, Astronomy, Psychology and so on. It’s also very important in Data Mining procedures as well and can be used to help unveil frauds.


  1. Reinforcement Learning (RL) Approach

This last approach is considered by many experts where the future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is headed to. This approach involves the attempt to mimic human intelligence and the way Man thinks as close as possible. Also, a lot of punishment and reward mechanisms are used to enhance the learning process in this approach. RL implemented paradigms have already begun to show great success in these realms. Most of the topics Reinforcement Learning relates to include Dynamic Programming and Markov Decision Processes. So, why is this particular approach considered to be the future? Well, because the ability to learn based on punishment and reward systems or incorporated learning over a period of time represents an incredible learning model. It’s generally how the human mind actually works.


How is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence currently being applied?

You may not easily recognize it but Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is quite prevalent in most people’s day to day lives, especially in today’s world. Below are a few areas that have become commonplace for housing and employing such technology.

AI Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Video Games

Without doubt the most obvious of them all. Artificial Intelligence has existed in video games from day one. In fact, it’s largely why they’ve managed to keep getting better and better.

  • Virtual Personal Assistants

Here, large amounts of data are gathered and collected from different sources which are used to learn user behavior. It’s actually a vital part in this area. Also, without it the tracking and organizing of that information wouldn’t be as effective.

  • Siri

Of course, we couldn’t leave without mentioning the most noticeable as well as the most popular Machine Learning tech products of our time. This is what brought to light what Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can really do. All Siri users use Machine Learning. What this tech does is it helps them understand natural language requests and questions.

  • Tesla

Now, where would Elon Musk and Tesla really be without this new-age technology? Anyway, if you happen to be a car geek then you’re definitely missing out if you’ve not checked or tried out the Tesla. It’s simply an unbelievable vehicular machine. It’s one of the automobiles that has managed to employ this technology rather seamlessly, like it was meant for it. Oh, and it’s also among the list of the best cars out there



We may not be complete experts on all matters Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but, for you, we try. Like we always say, it’s always all about you and making sure you’re kept posted on all matters tech, software and gadget related. Hopefully, now you know a little bit more about what all the fuss is all about. However, this thing is real and it’s here to stay. The future of man and machine certainly looks bright.

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