Ghost Recon Breakpoint x Rainbow 6 Crossover Event Slipped Early by Ubisoft

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is one of those games Ubisoft relies on for its bread and butter. With a release every 2 or 3 years, the publisher manages to catch the attention of some (a lot of) players with the same tried-and-true formula. But we might be getting something new to the game, after all.

Something is brewing in the Ubisoft lands. Earlier today, Ubisoft accidentally leaked some important info on its Youtube channel. The publisher uploaded a video trailer for a “Ghost Recon Breakpoint X Rainbow Six Siege Live Event.” The strange slip up was, obviously, quickly fixed up and this retracted this video. However, if you are subscribed to their channel you can still see the notification.

This comes out of the blue because we have not had any prior info on this crossover. But both IPs being Ubisoft’s, it is much easier for them to manage to keep all the info inside to the last moment. But this spells the limit of what we know about any Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint events. We do have, however, a precedent that could help us speculate about the nature of this crossover event and what it will bring.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Had A Similar Crossover

Ghost Recon Wildlands X Rainbow Six Siege crossover gameplay trailer

Back in 2018, Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s predecessor Wildlands had a crossover event with Rainbow Six. For this July event, Ubisoft added a brand new PvE mission. The crossover part is that the mission added to Wildlands involved Rainbow Six operators. The safest bet for this new crossover right now would be something similar. A free update mission with operators jumping from Rainbow Six and into Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

This slip up is strange but it might hint that this is coming real soon. The announcement should, anyway. It means that the video is ready and the content is all planned out and that is was just a scheduling error on their video team’s end. If you’re a Ghost Recon fan, chances are you are at least a bit interested in Rainbow Six so this is looking interesting.

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