Google Play Music to Shut Down

Alexander Folly
Alexander Folly
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Google has recently shared a detailed timeline leading to the complete shut down of the Google Play Music service. The service will stay active for now, and begin to close its services in September when New Zealand and South Africa will lose access. For the rest of the world, the service will close in October.

Beginning at the end of August, Google will remove the ability to purchase content through the platform. With Google continuing to develop the Youtube Music service, plans had been established to fully convert users over when the time came. A little over three months ago, Google introduced systems to fully convert users’ content over to the new platform.

Fear Not – There’s a Way Over

If you’d like to know how to transfer your content over, check out our guide posted recently that will help you through the process. The transfer process will be open until December of 2020, but no exact date has been announced yet.

The tech giant stated that they would be upfront, and give plenty of warning when Google Play Music was set to shut down. They have kept that promise, and users are still able to use the service until it shuts its doors for good in October. For anybody buying new Andriod phones, you will notice that the Youtube Music app is installed automatically, instead of the Google Play app. This will be the case for all Andriod phones as the rollout continues.

Goodbye to an Old Friend

The Google Play service is now a relic of a bygone era, with the new hip Youtube racing in to take its place. Now is a good time to open the app up, and take a trip down memory lane. Soon the storefront will join the likes of Zune in the back of our minds.

Thankfully for users, the Youtube Music service has many of the same features as the Google Play app. With the added advantage of the years of development that have gone into it. If you’re still using your Google Play account today, you’ll feel refreshed as you step into Youtube’s new music landscape.

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