Hades Might Be Coming to Xbox As a Day One Gamepass Title

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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There is no doubt about it: Hades was the breakout game of 2020. The game, being in early access since 2018, was released just this past September to great reception. That’s to say, everyone already knew how much of a big deal the game was going to be.

In fact, Hades nabbed a good amount of accolades in the 4 months it was officially out for. With best indie and best action game (plus 7 other nominations) at the game awards, it’s fair to say the game was a success. What is strange, however, is how a title so successful is out only PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Hades Is Rumored For An Xbox Release

Well according to Ed from XboxEra, this is all about to change. Hades, according to him is going to get an Xbox release and might also be a part of the Gamepass catalogue on day one.

Ed has been right about a few rumors, including The Initiative (and thus, Perfect Dark) not being in the July event, but he has also been wrong about a few. But rumor or not, this seems extremely probable. Sure, Supergiant is a relatively smaller publisher and developer but with Hades’ success, not making port is like leaving money on the table.

There are also 2 extra puzzle pieces that complete the jigsaw. If this rumor is true, this would mark Supergiant’s first game on Microsoft’s console platform since their original massive success, Bastion. Notably, the developer also released this statement on Twitter back around launch:

For some people the “rumor” part of this is the Gamepass inclusion. It seems obvious that Supergiant would eventually bring Hades to Xbox. The question is not if, but when. But still, we have no confirmation that the developer has started working on the port from any source. So, as far as we know it is all still rumor.

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