Here is how much usable storage the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles have

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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If you’re waiting to see which console will have the most storage options, its going to be a close race, but currently it’s the Xbox Series X holding the crown. However, given that the base storage is currently limited to 500GB and 1TB, you will have to wait for a very long time for SSD prices to come down low enough to get higher storage options at more affordable prices.

Here is all the usable space you will have on your next-generation consoles

It seems that while two sources are semi-official and one is a rumor, it seems like the most storage to the least storage options goes as follows:

Xbox Series X weighs in 802GB – Windows Central

PS5 With 664GB (Rumor) – Imgur

The Xbox Series S with 364GB – Reddit

So from here, we can discern that in terms of storage, the Xbox Series X gives you a wiggle room for a few more games, while you’re loosing out on roughly 138GB of storage space when you’re on the PS5.

However, the least space here goes to the Xbox Series S which touts a 512GB SSD.

While you can expand the storage for the Xbox Series X and S with a $219.99 price tag, considering how the console itself is for $299.

We talked about why being an early next-gen adopter isn’t all that its cut out to be, we are at least 2-3 years away from having financially feasible SSD’s like we do with current hard drives being sold for the Xbox One and PS4.

While you can use USB 3.0 expansion with both next-generation consoles, those will only work for the backward compatible library of games for their respective consoles. You will need an SSD to play their respective exclusive titles.

With such menial storage at the start, fans will have be very frugal with what they install on their systems and be ready to make space when needed for future titles.

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