Here’s Your First Look At The Apple Pencil Generation 3

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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The Apple Pencil is ealy one of Apple’s most innovative and ingenious inventions. The Pencil reinvented the way we viewed the stylus on tablets and made them a genuine product admired by visual artists using Apple’s products. The Apple Pencil Generation 3 could be something new.

Apple Pencil Generation 3 is looking to make a mark

The Apple Pencil Generation 3 could also be one of the rumored products set to be revealed at an upcoming Apple event set to take place in March.

Right along Apple’s AirTags, the Apple Pencil Generation 3 could be the next entry in Apple’s entry for the Pencil line to join the family.

The first look comes from Twitter user laobaiTD aka Mr. White.

laobaiTD has a previous track record that spans a number of Apple Devices being leaked by them. Some of their prominent leaks include the iPad Mini 5, and the iPhone 12 Mini display.

However, it is also worth mentioning that there are still leaks of theirs that have yet to pass such as a Black Apple Pencil.

With rumors of a new iPad Pro to be announced alongside the new MacBook Pro’s, a new Apple Pencil would definitely be something that significantly complements the new product.

It’s worth noting that on the Apple Pencil Generation 1 & 2, you can screw the cap off to replace it, but this is an entirely new measure taken by Apple.

Perhaps the pencil will have replaceable tips for different purposes, or a sensor that can let you pick colors from your surrounding environment in the real world?

It is also not known whether the Apple Pencil Generation 3 will leverage the magnetic charging and holstering capability of the Apple Pencil Generation 2. Considering the massive inconvenience that the first generation pencil was when using with an iPad, we simply can’t see the Apple Pencil losing its magnetic capability.

For now, we will have to wait for Apple to announce a date for its rumored event. We still don’t know when the event will take place and what products will be shown. So far, all we have is rumors and insight from famous industry figures to tell us what could be shown at the event.

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