Hitman 3 PC VR Files Found In The PS4 Version of The Game

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Hitman 3 released on January 20th for the all major gaming platforms and while the game was fully playable in VR exclusively on the PSVR for the PS4, it seems that there could be plans of bringing Hitman 3 PC VR in the future as the files for it are currently locked away in the game disc.

Hitman 3 PC VR – A Virtual World of Assassination

The Hitman trilogy itself made you feel like a meticulous and skilled assassin for hire throughout its 5 year life span. However, with the final release in the series, IO interactive decided to up the ante and introduce the entire Hitman Trilogy in VR for PS4 buyers with the help of the PSVR.

This meant it was possible to play all of the levels in Hitman 1, 2 and 3 entirely in VR in the same way you would play them on any other platform, sans the third person perspective.

With the help of Hitman 3 on VR, players entered a whole new level of immersion and found an entirely new and unqiue way to play the game.

However, some sleuthing from a Reddit user (u/UnwantedTelemarketer) has shed some light on the potential of Hitman 3 PC VR Files discovered on the game disc for the PS4 version. These files are locked away but are indicative of a PC VR version of the game that could be in the release pipeline.

One of the images mentions Oculus.

Some fans have speculated that the VR could be a timed-exclusive on the PS4 and could make its way to the PC. However, considering the massive specs of the game, it is unlikely that the game would be supported on portable headsets like the Oculus Quest 1 or 2 and will need a dedicated gaming PC running the game.

Many fans were hopeful of Resident Evil 7’s VR also coming to the PC, which it never did. The experience still remains exclusive to the PSVR.

While we now know IO Interactive is hard at work on a James Bond game and will now work significantly lesser on Hitman 3, we can hope that there is a PC version indeed in the pipeline.

What are your thoughts on the prospect of Hitman 3 PC VR? Let us know if you think it can happen in the comments section below.

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