How To Spot A Cheater In CS:GO

Dan Westrop
Dan Westrop
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We all know how annoying and frustrating cheaters are, they ruin the game for us legit players who just want to play for some fun. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the biggest steam games,  therefore, making it prone to hackers and cheaters.

With the recent update of Danger zone, they also made the game free, this is going to give people more of a reason to use hacks. When you get caught with cheats your account will get VAC banned and you would have to BUY the game again. Now when people get caught they can just make a new steam account and download the game for free again.

So your in a game of CS:GO and you keep dying to the same guy, his doing some pretty impressive shots which makes you suspicions to whether he is hacking or not. We’ve all had these moments and it can be very frustrating not knowing! Hopefully this guide should make it easy for you to spot the next hacker you come across in CS:GO.

What are hacks?

In order to spot a hacker you must understand the ins and outs of a Counter-Strike: Global offensive hack, there are a few different things that break down the typical game hack:

Wall hacks

Wallhacks: Well this one in pretty much in the name, CS:GO wall hacks allow you to see other players through the walls. This gives you a major advantage in the game because, well, do I really need to explain? You can see people through walls!

Aimbot: A aimbot is a piece of software which snaps the crosshair to an enemy when you are aiming close. You can change the settings on the aimbot to make things look less obvious. For example if you crosshair is far away from an enemy and all of a sudden locks on it’s going to look suspicious.

Speed Hack: Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory, A speed hack allows the user use to speed around the map as fast as they want. Certain hacks also allow people to noclip (fly) and teleport around the map.


ESP: An ESP hack is very similar to a wallhack but with some extra features, it allows you to see your enemy stats such as health, armor, if they are walking or running, it can even show you what gun they have.

Below is a very good video explaining how you can catch these nasty cheaters

This video explains how you can catch a cheater in overwatch, overwatch allows experienced members to review footage of players in game and report them accordingly.

How to spot a cheater in CS:GO

Not everyone who keeps killing you repeatedly is a hacker, you’ve got to remember there are a lot of professional players that play counter strike. They will be able to kill you over and over again and in your eyes, it may seem like they are hacking when they are in fact not. The best way to spot a hacker is by simply spectating them and watching there every move. Most cheaters are very easy to spot just by spectating, however, some are very good at covering there tracks. These few things listed below are the things you should be looking out for.

Tracking players through walls: When you spectate a player you can see an outline of all the other players in the game, this is a similar view to what a hacker would have when playing. Watch the person you find suspicious, if they are tracking players through the walls with there crosshair then you know they are hacking.

Pre-Firing: Pre-Firing is also a very good way to tell if someone is hacking, don’t get me wrong the occasional pre-fire is fine and could be lucky. Keep watching them if you find they are pre-firing a lot and always getting kills then they are most likely using hacks.

Lucky Shots: If you find a player that keeps getting very lucky shots spectate them, the occasional flick shot is fine, but if you find they are getting them all the time, especially when jumping or walking it could be an aimbot. Just look for the small telltale signs.

Check the players rank

Sometimes you just can’t work out if a player is cheating or not, however, if a player is playing really well then surely they should have some skill badges and a good rank. Simply right-click the player’s name and press “View profile” if there account is pretty new without a rank and badges then they might be cheating.

Below is another good video, this video goes more into detail of how you can find someone using an aimbot.

I hope this post can help you spot cheaters in counter strike, if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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