iPhone 13 Could Introduce Always-On Display, ProMotion, and More

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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The iPhone 12 is Apple’s most recent breakout hit to their arsenal of devices. While the smartphone introduced better hardware and the LiDAR sensor to the camera to improve the photography capability of the device, it seems that the iPhone 13 could truly be a league of its own according to some new leaks.

The iPhone 13 Could Be A Brand New Experience

While many fans were enthralled by what the iPhone 12 had to offer, if all the rumors about the iPhone 13 prove to be true, we could be in for the biggest revolution to iPhones since FaceID.

In a report by MacRumors, the site highlights a few of the features that could make the iPhone 13 one of Apple’s best phones to date.

Before we proceed here are a few quick bullets of what to expect:

  • Always-On Display
  • 120Hz ProMotion display
  • Stronger MagSafe magnets
  • Astrophotography
  • Improved ultra-wide cameras

A majority of the leaks come from smartphone leaker veteran, Max Weinbach.

While the most market leaders in the Android smartphone world have adopted a majority of the features, Apple is the only smartphone leader right now to not house any of these features in any of their devices, yet still manage to hold a firm presence and brand loyal market.

With the introduction of Always-On Display, and bringing in the 120Hz ProMotion display that is currently exclusive to the iPad Pro line of devices, Apple could finally look to compete against its Android counterparts in these passive features as well.

In addition, it is also said that Apple is working on improving the quality and strength of the current MagSafe magnets as they are currently criticized for being too weak.

Further, Apple is looking to compete with Google and Huawei in the race for Astrophotography. While the feature is relatively niche, Apple is looking to introduce dedicated software and hardware to power the feature and put them in the race for the stars against the current market leaders.

Lastly, Apple is said to be working on improving the quality and hardware of the ultra-wide cameras used in their smartphones.

A lot of the information has been corroborated by known Apple industry insider, Ming-Chi Kuo.

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