Medal of Honor Above and Beyond VR gameplay shows a great comeback

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a popular medium for game companies to bring back IP’s. Valve did it with Half-Life Alyx earlier this year to great critical and commercial acclaim, and after Medal of Honor Warfighter in 2012, it seems the series could be getting a shot in the VR spotlight as well. Some fresh Medal of Honor Above and Beyond VR gameplay gives us a first look at a very impressive game.

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond VR gameplay – A new reality

Medal of Honor is one of the oldest FPS franchises that wasn’t able to stand the test of time. However, as recent years have shown us, it is entirely impossible for once forgotten series to make a triumphant return. The Wolfenstein Trilogy, and the Doom Duology have shown us that there is a hope for forgotten FPS series to make a return on modern platforms.

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond is going to be the series first game in almost 8 years, but it is, unfortunately, a VR exclusive experience. The game takes us back to its humble World War roots and delivers pure unadulterated gameplay that shows what the series was best known for.

With the series once again finding its identity, perhaps we can see it return to modern consoles as well?

In a new series of gameplay videos brought to you by Oculus-Mdoran, an executive producers for Oculus Studios showing off fresh footage captured on the Oculus Quest 2.

The first gameplay shows us a bit of gunplay mixed with interacting with the surrounding world. Allowing players to have greater immersion in the world around them as they interact with ordinary objects in the stage .

This is the OSS office, which acts as the main menu of the game.

Here is a look at the Live Fire Gauntlet, an arcade like challenge which upon completion grants you in-game rewards.

This is the quartermaster, a place where you can visit between missions to practice new weapons, learn about tackling enemies with new approaches and other tactical information.

This is the Medal of Honor Museum, which can be visited and viewed after completing the game’s missions. Its chalked full of stuff related to your missions and has some hidden easter eggs.

Lastly, here is a look at the games survival mode.

According to the Oculus-Mdoran, the campaign will last you roughly 10 hours, but with plenty of unlockables, you will be making several replays of the stages as well.

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