Megaman Legends Coming to PC, Steamdb Records Show

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Between the hordes holding the pitchforks up for Capcom to release a new Megaman X title and the temporarily placated fans of the original series (Megaman 11 was pretty neat honestly), there lies a small group of people hissing Megaman Legends under their breath. Somehow, this cult-like minority’s voice was heard by Capcom -kind of, anyway.

The black sheep of the family has always been overlooked. But there is a decent base of people who thoroughly enjoyed our blue protagonist in 3D. Not X Commander though, we do not talk about that one. So while a new game is not what we’re looking at, Megaman Legends is at least getting the Capcom treatment.

Megaman Legends Is Coming To Steam

After a massively successful (and lazy) ports of the original series and the X series, it seems Capcom is looking to do the same for Megaman Legends. Luckily for Capcom, this leak comes from a more benign source. This record from Steamdb suggests that Megaman Legends is finally getting the same treatment.

As stated, this is pretty much in-line with everything Cpacom has been doing lately. However, it is also strange since fans of the series have given up hope on it. Back in 2010, a 3rd main installment (4th counting Tron Bonne) was announced but was cancelled not too long after in 2011. Since then, everyone in the community declared the Legends series dead. The title in the record also does not hint at this release being a collection like with other series from the franchise.

However, a port does not necessarily mean that Megaman Legends has been revived. Other developers have been using re-releases and remakes as a way to gauge interest in a dusty old franchise. Capcom, on the other hand, has shown little interest in doing much with a lot of its Megaman-related recent releases.

Regardless, there is little to be pessimistic about with this leak. If you are a Megaman Legends fan, this is a no-brainer. A lot of us have been secretly replaying the original titles over and over, anyway. If you are one of those X or ZX/Zero people however, this might just be your cue to appreciate a little hidden gem on a more modern platform.

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