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    Protect Yourself the Right Way – Encrypt your Data for Free


    The idea of encrypting your data can make you think of hackers, and super-secret hidden files found in movies. However, the reality is quite the opposite. These days there are many free, easy to use encryption programs that can give you the same encryption used by governments around the world.

    Sounds crazy right? But in fact, encryption is just a method of encoding your data and making it only accessible with a specific key, which is the password in just about every case.

    With such powerful encryption at your finger’s tips, it makes you wonder.

    Should I Encrypt?

    Encrypting your data isn’t something you only do when you have secrets, although it is great at hiding those. You can also secure personal files, videos, pictures, and even sensitive work files in case of theft or losing your laptop.

    It’s also a great way to secure your data if you want to store it online, such as in a cloud server, but are worried about people gaining access to it. If it’s encrypted, there’s nothing they can do with it.

    With such great reasons to do a little encrypting, how would you go about it?

    Free Encryption at Your Finger Tips

    If you are using Windows 10 Pro, then you will have access to BitLocker, which is Window’s own built-in encryption program. With a right-click on any file, users can select BitLocker in the drop-down menu and put a password on anything.

    Yet outside of Windows tools, there is VeraCrypt, a survivor of the TrueCrypt project. This program is a true open-source project that is completely free.

    With an easy to use interface and a quick guide to get you up to speed, VeraCrypt can do everything from encrypting data in a file, to creating an encrypted boot sequence. I personally used it to create a kind of black box that I could store all of my vital data into in the event of a disk failure.

    The program also offers a wide range of encryption to choose from, and as some added fun, shows many interesting factoids about them. I, for example, chose the encryption used in the Pentagon to share internal documents.

    Secure Yourself Today

    With so many easy options to begin locking up your sensitive data, now is a great time to get out and grab an encryption program and begin securing yourself today!

    Do you already encrypt your data? Tell us all about what you use in the comment section below!

    Victor is an avid tech head, quickly aging gamer, copywriter, and novelist. When Victor isn't hopelessly waiting out the DPS queue, he's writing speculative fiction, and insights for GadgetGang.

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