RUMOR: Xbox Series X power problems begin surfacing after usage

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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November 10th marked the launch of the Microsoft’s new Xbox Series consoles, specifically the Xbox Series X and the lesser powered/digital version, the Xbox Series S. However it seems that customers who got their consoles yesterday are reporting their Xbox Series X power problems on the r/XboxSeriesX subreddit.

Xbox Series X power problems Begin to arise from launch models of the console

Keep in mind, we know that there was bound to be a percentage of a failure rate in these consoles, considering these are made in the millions and we should account for faulty units, damaged during transport and other variables.

Update: the videos of smoke from Xbox consoles has been explained:

We are not saying that this is going to be as widespread of an issue as the Xbox 360 launch which was plagued with the infamous Red Ring of Death (RRoD), or the PlayStation 3’s Yellow Light of Death (YLoD).

A lot of the problems are related to what appears to be a faulty power supply or a faulty component causing smoke to come out of the console in a couple of cases.

The most famous case is one that is aptly titled “Buddy of mines new xbox came with a campfire feature.”

Despite putting humor on the matter, in case your new console presents any immediate signs of smoke or bizarre sounds that make you feel uncertain about continuing to use the console, we highly advise immediately unplugging the console and contacting Microsoft Support via Email, Twitter, or immediately returning it to the store you bought it from if that’s an option for you.

Keep in mind, these issues are bound to happen, and these are just chalked up to bad luck on the customers part. Rest assured, Microsoft or the retailer will look into the issue and replace your console at their earliest.

With the PlayStation 5 launch also set for tomorrow, November 12th in the NA region, fans are now worried about them being recipients of faulty units as well.

For now, it is best to keep an eye on your new console. Try to make sure you set it up properly and have proper wiring in the house to ensure you protect it from power surges, or sudden electric outages.

In addition, make sure your consoles have enough room to breathe, ideally place the console 8-10 inches away from a wall and at a place where it can’t be tripped over or fall off easily.

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