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Kevin Gabeci
Kevin Gabeci
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The console’s release date is less than a month away, so PlayStation on YouTube released a video showing how the PS5 UI will look on the new console. It’s definitively an upgrade to the previous version since this one focuses a lot more on the User Experience. It will help you connect with friends easier and to dive into the game a lot faster.

What is New with the UI?

Sony’s focus on this PS5 UI upgrade has been the playtime and the ability to have everything on control as easy as possible. The new UI has added a bunch of features that are designed to enhance your gaming experiences. One of the most important features is the new Control Center, it provides access to almost anything that you would want just by a click of a button.

They have also added a feature called the Activities. They will be displayed on your screen as cards in the Control Center and will be designed to bring you closer to the key elements of gameplay. The activities will make it super easy for you to go back to things you might have missed, jump directly into challenges or levels, discover new opportunities, and many more. Some of them will also have the ability to be put picture in picture so that you can view them without leaving the game at all.


The entire software of the user interface has been rebuild from scratch so that it truly feels next-gen. It is aimed to be straightforward and to jump between games simply also with a great speed rivaling other consoles. The less time you spent interacting with the console, the more time you spent enjoy playing games.

Closing Thoughts

This is a huge upgrade from the previous version of UI, and Sony has done a great job. From what we can see in the video, they showed us this looks really smooth and intuitive. The activities are also an interesting addition to the UI. What do you think what’s the best part of this new upgrade?

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