Sony Publishes Official Linux Driver For PS5 DualSense Controllers

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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Sony has published a new “hid-PlayStation” Linux driver PS5 DualSense controller that will allow you to use the PS5 controller on Linux hardware. The driver supports DualSense both in USB and Bluetooth modes. All key functionality along with LEDs, motion sensors, touchpad, battery, lightbar, and rumble are all supported by this official Sony Linux driver. This new driver comes in at just over 1,400 lines of code in its initial form catering to the PS5 controller.

The Linux kernel already has the existing “hid-sony” driver that was used to hook up PS4’s DualShock 4 to linux machines. The new driver will carry over the hardware support from the existing hid-sony to hid-PlayStation drivers.

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The Linux driver exposes DualSense functionality as a ‘compositive device’ similar to DualShock 4 in hid-sony, spanning multiple frameworks. First, it exposes 3 evdev nodes for respectively the ‘gamepad’, ‘touchpad’ and ‘motion sensors’. The FF framework is used to provide basic rumble features. The LEDs-class is used to implement the Player indicator LEDs below the DualSense’s touchpad, while the new ‘LEDs-class-multicolour’ is used for the lightbars next to the touchpad.

One of the flagship features of DualSense 5, the Adaptive Triggers and the VCM based Haptics, is missing from the new Linux driver for PS5. Adaptive Triggers can alter the amount of pressure required to press the trigger, thus improving the immersiveness of the game. These features require a large amount of data and complex data structures and Sony’s not yet clear on how to expose these parameters.

The new HID-PlayStation driver is currently under review and isn’t yet queued up for mainlining but those wanting to try it out can find the 13 patches up for testing.

Unfortunately, there is no news of an official Windows driver yet. You can technically use the DualSense controller on Windows with a this “hack” or trick, but you’ll miss out on some key functionalities.

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