Why is the information age leaving us so misinformed?

    If you get your information from the internet, you should probably think twice about its credibility

    Facebook Messenger finds the way to your Instagram DMs

    Instagram has announced its integration with Facebook Messenger recently. At the moment, it's an optional feature, but we could see this change really soon. This is made with the intention of not switching apps to continue a conversation. We are witnessing with time that Facebook is moving more and more into the business and back-end part of their applications ecosystem.

    New WhatsApp feature lets you delete shared media immediately

    A new WhatsApp Feature will let you delete messages as soon as you leave the chat window, allowing you the ability to enhance your privacy.

    Facebook threatens to block Australians from sharing news

    Facebook has warned it will block Australians from sharing news on both Facebook and Instagram if a new law in the country...

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