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Mikey Sebastian
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Marketing automation software is built to help marketers develop relationships, capture leads and the usage of sales funnel at scale to move and motivate prospects. This includes many different categories of functionality. These include analytics, multi-channel marketing, web marketing, social media and email. Marketing automation software is kind of a method that’s out-of-the-box when it comes to harnessing customer information from several different sources. However, even though some processes are automated due to marketing automation, the software does not turn your brand or business into a robot.

Marketing automation software has taken the lead when it comes to integrating new tech that’s been designed to benefit both the individual marketing targets. They also benefit the marketers that are running these campaigns as well. The overall technology trends in the marketing automation realm have made communication with leads and individual prospects more personalized. Oh, and at a very large scale at that. Below are some of the tech trends that have managed to greatly impact marketing automation and the software involved.


Integrated behaviour-based workflow

behavior based marketing automation software

Some of the technology areas that have experienced the prevalence of this particular trend include field service management, supply chain management, project management, CRM and marketing automation tools themselves. This has occurred in the attempt to speed work up automatically across several different users. Based on a set of actions and triggers, behaviour-based workloads keep an eye out for a client or user behaviour, known as the trigger. It then reacts to the said trigger with an automatic action.

Behaviour-based workflows that exist within MA software can track customers automatically down the sales funnel. This it does by reacting accordingly based on the links these individuals click on, the emails they open, the interactions they’ve had with sales representatives and messaging systems as well as the content they download. The particular marketing automation tool is what the company uses to define what each trigger is and then keeps that particular customer engaged by setting up follow-up actions based on the company’s content.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI marketing automation software

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence or AI are the tech trends that most people have come to love to talk about. Especially when it comes to business technology software, such as marketing automation. This is l because of how super-sophisticated it all sounds. Anyway, what machine learning and AI really does is the application of algorithms to thousands (sometimes millions or even billions) of the data points your tech collects. These particular algorithms help your business or company effectively make use of that data. Some of the ways they do this is by:

  • ChatBots

    No, this is not something out of Star Wars or The Jetsons. They are popular algorithms hidden under friendly interfaces such as a messaging application and the like. Chat bots use analytics as well as natural language processing to fully understand and comprehend individual user requests. You can use them for all sorts of things, the most common being things like product recommendations, customer services and so on.

  • Predictive Analytics

    This type of analytical tools in MA software study the human behaviour when they come across your social media, emails, content, website and brand. They then use the information and data it has collected and then predicts what moves customers and clients are likely to make when they encounter whatever you’ve put out that targets them. So, by having a better understanding of what your clients are likely to buy and at what stage, the right content can be designed by those tools in order to lead them directly to the buying stage.

  • Engaging and Dynamic Content

    Content is king. If you didn’t know that, well luck yo for you the Gadget Gang is here because now you do. Dynamic content is used by marketers the world over to suggest the right products or piece of content to clients. It then leads based on products and type of content those clients have interacted with up to that specific point.


Lifecycle Marketing

The school of thought when it comes to this type of marketing is that the sale doesn’t mean the end of marketing. It goes on throughout the customer’s life cycle. Companies and businesses engage in this type of marketing engage, attract, support, sell and turn most of their clients into product advocates. These advocates begin to help attract fresh new clients into your sales funnel. The marketing automation software that contains life-cycle characteristics usually goes well beyond your initial sales funnel. Their primary objective is normally the creation and building of a wide client advocate base.


Automated Social Media Marketing

social media marketing automation software

Regular sharing of impact content on social media is basically a full-time job these days. However, that’s if you want to do completely right. But don’t fret too much because that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Automated social media marketing software can help take a whole lot of edge off from social media managers and the like. This it does by scheduling posts way in advance, providing a platform that can help in understanding analytics in social media such as replies and mentions as well as providing the team with a way to reschedule evergreen social media content in order to attract new clients.



These are just but a few of the tech trends that have really impacted the marketing automation industry. As it grows so will more and more of them begin to pop up, but for now the ones we’ve highlighted in this article happen to be the most prevalent. Here at Gadget Gang, we strive not to let any news slip through the cracks even if it’s software related. Like always, we got you. Hope you’re enjoying taking this ride with us as much as we do. Our priority will always be you, our reader. Follow us, join us so as to make sure you’re always kept posted.

Until next time, Adios!

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