Top 3 reasons to start using universal remote control app today

Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith
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Raise your hand if fighting for a TV remote control is one of your best childhood memories with your sibling. Well, that’s the case with most siblings across the world.

We are probably the last generation to have such amazing childhood memories, as the remote controls are now transforming – from the good old clickers to universal remotes.

Imagine the centre table in your hall a few years ago. There were at least three remote controls laying there; one for the television, one for the set-top box, and one for your music player. This was too much to handle. The power of technology has made lives easier by replacing these traditional remotes with the modern age universal remotes.

One of the best research firms, Strategy Analytics forecasts,

“The emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home and wearables will connect an additional 17.6 billion devices to the internet by 2020.”

Today, the voice-based user interface is reaching a new level with the introduction of the products like Amazon Echo. With so many devices connected to the internet, the need for remote control is slowly diminishing.

The demise of traditional remotes, the rise of universal remote control app!

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In this modern age, we’re getting advanced each day by leveraging technology which is making our lives easier. The world is becoming mobile! We have an app for almost everything now; why not for remote controllers?  

A universal remote control app can do wonders. Let’s take a look at why universal remotes are replacing the traditional ones. Some of the most important benefits of universal remote control applications are:

Cuts down clutter and complexity

With so many remotes lying around the house, and then the efforts to learn how all of them operate is one big reason people find new devices complicated and are not willing to adapt to new technologies. Also, separate remotes for all devices creates too much of a mess on your coffee table. You must have also experienced switching the remotes while looking for the one that you actually need. However, the level of frustration goes high when that remote control doesn’t work or has dead batteries.

Getting one remote that operates for all the systems can reduce the mess in the room and complexity in your life.

Saves time and money

Switching between the remotes wastes a lot of time and you will simply not like it when you are running out of time and you do not want to miss your favourite shows even by a second. Also, the number of batteries used for so many remotes eventually costs you more than you think in the long term.

Instead of spending on batteries and separate remote controllers for each of your devices, use a universal remote control app that can control all your devices in a simple, user-friendly manner.

Makes it convenient and easy to use

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One remote that can control everything takes your television watching experience to the next level. Imagine you are back home after a long day at work. Would you like to fumble between the remote controls to finally get your television started? With a universal remote control, you enter the home, pick that remote in your hand and jump off to your couch. Then, you can control all your devices single-handed from the comfort of the corner of your couch.

Watch TV, listen to music, play games and switch between them, just the way you want to.

The Final Word

As universal remote apps are gradually gaining popularity, there might be several companies that start selling universal remotes. However, Peel Technologies is a pioneer in delivering best-in-class universal remote control app solutions.

Peel Smart Remote comes with plenty of exciting features, bringing along numerous benefits to completely transform your home entertainment experience and takes it to the next level. This is the only remote control that you probably need for controlling your television, set-top box, DVD player, Apple TV, Air Conditioners, LED lights, heaters, and what not!

Time to bid farewell to all your remote controls that you have been using for years now. Take control of your devices with Peel’s universal remote control app and get upgrade your lifestyle!

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