Apple Watch Ultra Micro-LED Displays to be Manufactured by LG

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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It is very likely that the Apple Watch will begin using cutting-edge display technologies in 2025. According to respected industry insider Ross Young, LG has started building a tiny micro-LED display production line in preparation of Apple moving from OLED to micro-LED panels. This is important because Apple plans to start manufacturing internal displays for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Young’s report from today follows one from Bloomberg from earlier in the week. In that piece, Mark Gurman provided an explanation of how Apple will begin producing its own screens for products like the Apple Watch and the iPhone, ending its need on vendors like Samsung and LG. Bloomberg noted that Apple will still rely on these companies for large-scale production, however.

Young’s latest evaluation from today largely confirms what was said earlier this week. Apple “won’t conduct the full procedure” when it changes display technologies, the expert said. Young asserts that Apple and LG will work closely together to create the Apple Watch Ultra’s rumored micro-LED display, which is expected to be used for the first time.

LG is now engaged in the “construction of a small line” for micro-LED display backplanes for the Apple Watch. Young says, “Apple’s micro-LEDs will probably be assembled on this little line. He asserts that the first Apple Watch equipped with a micro-LED would be released in 2025, with production most likely not starting until the second half of 2024.

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