Ways To Earn Free V-bucks For Fortnite

Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown
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Playing Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular choices for console, PC, and even mobile gamers to date. Since the Battle Royale mode is free to play, there are microtransactions that involve acquiring an in-game currency called V-bucks. Let’s look at how to earn free v-bucks.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of videos and websites claiming they can show you how to get free V-bucks. Sorry to say though that most of these ways are scams or glitches. These scams are a surefire way to either get your Epic Games account hacked or unwittingly get charged money. Even with glitches that work, Epic Games typically looks into the glitch, patches it, and looks for those who exploited to glitch. Sometimes they even ban those who used and shared the glitch.

Instead of misleading you with scams and glitches, let’s see how to EARN free v-bucks. If you earn free v-bucks you can rest assured that you will be safe from scams and account bans.

1: EarnVBuck.com


If you are have been searching how to earn free V Bucks then you must have heard of the website: EarnVBuck.com. It’s the worlds leading V Bucks earning website which allows you to claim thousands of V-Bucks which are completely FREE of charge! 

Once you create an account and verify your email you can sign in and start earning straight away. All you have to do is visit the “Earn V-Bucks” page and follow the on-screen instructions. Many free to play mobile games use this ‘microtransaction’ method as well. The website allows you to watch videos and complete offers. Once there is a confirmation of completion, you are rewarded with v-bucks. 

Sometimes the offers require you to complete a survey. Other times you simply download a new free app to your phone and let it run for a short amount of time to confirm that you tried out the app. Some of the offers request that you play a mobile game to a certain point. Either way, these offers are completely safe and do not compromise your PC, mobile phone, or Epic Games account in any way.

2: Save The World Mode Challenges

Fortnite Season X Select Game Mode Screen

Using the Save The World mode to earn free v-bucks actually requires a one time money investment in Fortnite. While the Battle Royale mode is free to play, the Save The World Mode you must pay for. At a price of $39.99, you can acquire the PvE (Player vs Environment) mode that features online coop missions and tons of fun. On occasion this mode is on sale for $19.99 so always keep an ear out for that as well.

Without explaining the mode too much, the purpose for this purchase is to gain access to two additional ways to earn free v-bucks and they are:

Main Story Challenges

Fortnite Storm Shield Defense v-bucks

First of all, you can earn free v-bucks in Save The World mode by simply completing missions. The regular progression through the ‘story’ requires you to play specific missions. Doing so grants rewards that are sometimes free v-bucks. Simply click on the quests tab in the main menu and follow the mission progression. As you do so, you’ll get all kinds of mode specific rewards. Occasionally that reward will be free v-bucks!

Daily challenges 

Fortnite Daily Quest v-bucks

When you are grinding through the Save The World mode, there are also additional challenges offered. The Daily Challenges offered are specifically intended to help you earn free v-bucks. Check out these challenges by also going to the quest tab and scrolling down to the daily challenges.

These challenges are often to the tune of defeating a certain number or type of husks. Other times they will be to complete a certain type of sub quest within a mission. Regardless, these challenges offered each day will lead you to the v-bucks you seek.

3: Log-in Rewards

Epic Games developers are smart in that they want you to keep playing Fortnite as much as possible. Once you purchase the Save the World mode, there are rewards that you receive simply for logging into the game. Currently, the first v-bucks login reward is at day 11 for 50 v-bucks. The next day you earn free v-bucks for logging in is at day 28 at a tune of 300 v-bucks. There are more rewards as well.

4: Events

Each season within Fortnite Save the World provides new mission types to play that are different from the standard offerings. These missions provide a new way to play the Save the World mode. In these missions, they often provide additional challenges tied to the way you play the mission. Complete these challenges and you will earn additional v-bucks as well as other mode specific rewards. 

In Season 10, the Save the World event is called ‘Hit The Road’. In this event you and three other players defend a hover truck as it progresses along the road. You must defend the truck in randomized missions as it progresses. As it stands, there aren’t any reported v-buck rewards in this event in the way of challenges, but that may change. Past events in other seasons have given v-buck rewards.

5: Daily and Battle Pass Challenges

Fortnite Season X Free Tier V-bucks

As you play Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, there are various challenges that when met gain you ‘Tier XP’. As you advance to various levels within certain tiers, you unlock rewards such as skins, avatars, and occasionally you earn free v-bucks. As you can imagine, this takes quite a bit of grinding. These v-bucks rewards are granted in both the free tier structure as well as those with the Battle Pass. 

Fortnite Battle Pass Tier V-bucks

It is important to remember that if you do acquire a Battle Pass as a gift or by purchasing one, saving the earned v-bucks from these challenges can buy the next season’s Battle Pass. This requires you to reach a majority of the tier rewards for the season though. While this is quite the feat, it is something to remember if you have no plans of purchasing more v-bucks and want to maintain your battle pass status for the upcoming season. 

6: #vbucksgiveaway

Finding legit methods when searching how to earn free v-bucks is hard. While this next way isn’t a guaranteed method, it is still safe.

We all know that Fortnite is one of the most watched games on streaming sites like Twitch.tv and Mixer.com. Many viewers also lookup their favorite Youtubers as well for tips and tricks. Occasionally, you might be able to find streamers and influencers that are looking to expand their own personal communities by hosting v-bucks giveaways. 

Do an occasional search on Twitter or elsewhere in social media and you may find a legit contest. It is probably safe to stick with influencers and not ‘giveaway’ websites. While this isn’t a sure-fire way to earn free v-bucks, there is always a chance you could win if you enter enough contests.

Hopefully this shows you how to earn free v-bucks in safe ways that you can also share with friends.

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