What Does TWS Mean?

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With the fast development of technology, we have access to new gadgets at a click distance. If in the early ’80s the wire was the key element to a successful connection, nowadays it is difficult to think of a world with limited access and connections. We aim to live a comfortable life and believe me, nothing is less comfortable than puzzling out the wires of your earphones, especially when you commute after a very tiring day.

We live in the 21st century, which means that we have the solution to everything – or at least we believe so. TWS is the revolutionary technology of connecting two devices through Bluetooth, making the connection a very easy and straight forward process. TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo and it was unveiled at IFA Technology Show by a Japanese electronics company, Onkyo.

The pros and cons of this topic are debatable, of course.  Even if it sounds like a dream, the TWS technology might not be for everyone. To help you have a proper opinion, please read below an objective list of the advantages and disadvantages of using this gadget.


Forget about the discomfort of getting the wire all tangled.

You don’t need to worry about fitting the cable under the jacket, as the wire-free technology gives you the desired freedom of movement.

They come in different shapes and creative designs.

Wire-free charging. It sounds great, right?

You can enjoy the perfection of a stereo signal.


If you are a messy person you can easily lose one of the two pieces. How annoying is that?

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting to charge them and when you need them the most you cannot use them.

If you think of using them while running, think twice before buying them as it might fall with the fast body movement.

Today, after four years from the new revelation we can find TWS gadgets all over the internet. You don’t need to invest much to feel the comfort of a cable-free headphone. As always, the comparison between the price and the quality of the product is in the table, but let’s have a look together at the most popular gadgets on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

  • 24/7 fit
  • 6 hours on a single charge
  • Quick pairing

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless

  • Touch Control
  • Voice assistant access
  • Smart control app
  • Unique design

PowerBeats Pro

  • Comes in various colours
  • Best for workouts
  • Noise-canceling + noise reduction

AirPods Pro

  • Noise-canceling
  • Easy control
  • Tailored on your needs
  • Water-resistant
  • Wireless charging

Things to consider before buying a TWS

Of course, the most important thing is the price. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on a product you don’t really like. Before making the purchase, make sure you are familiar with the market and take ten minutes and compare various products on the market. You might end up with a cheaper and better product. Probably it is work going to a store and check the volume and the sound, but with the external circumstances, this is not an option at the moment. However, make sure you have a rough idea of the industry.

The charging case can be a crucial feature in deciding. You want to avoid uncharged earbuds when you need them the most. If you have a charging case, it is way easier to have them charged and always handy. The number one rule: always check the battery life of the earbuds!

The microphone can be a very nice tool to record podcasts and various content. Make sure you pay attention to this small detail, as it can save you money on special equipment. There are various ways of checking this on the internet. You will thank me later!

For the sake of your comfort, check the ear-tips. Many earbuds on the market come with different sizes and materials. An important feature to look after is noise cancellation. If you really want to get lost on your commuting time or during a workout session, I would say that the extra price paid is definitely worth it. Also, it takes the call to a whole different level.

I am aware that the design is not important for all of us, but you want to feel good when listening to your favourite song, don’t you? Make sure you are happy with the colour and the design before you press that proceed to the check-out button. If you buy something, at least get the best out of it.


To wrap up, I think technology is our friend if we know how to use it properly. There is no doubt that with the innovation of TWS our life is made easier in a way or another. You can get exactly the product you need if you do a bit of research before investing in it. Try the wire-free experience and discover the value of the True Wireless Stereo.

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