What industries use 3D modelling (Infographic)

Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith
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3D modeling has come a long way since its invention. With images that are currently indistinguishable from actual photos, product visualization is now more widespread than ever. Many industries use 3D modeling to sell their products – here are some that use it the most. Check out this Infographic below, it illustrates just a few ways 3D modeling is used.



3D Modeling Gaming

This one should come as a surprise to no one. For the most part, video games utilize advanced 3D graphics for their gameplay, so it’s only logical that the advertising materials would also use 3D modeling. Thanks to this technique, characters can be placed in various situations to make promotional materials all the more enticing to the viewer.


3D Modelling entertainment

As 3D modeling has become incredibly photorealistic, it is now possible to create life-like images of actual stars, such as actors, singers, sports stars, and various other entertainers. This provides the creators of promotional materials with enough freedom to create something truly unique and special.

Architectural Design

3D Modeling Architectural Design

When it comes to architectural design, a big part of selling your service relies on convincing your potential client that you can make their vision come to life. With 3D modeling, this is easier than ever, as 3D modelers can make all the details of your design pop with meticulous 3D models.

Advertising and Marketing

3D-Modeling Advertising and Marketing

3D modeling has proven to be a boon to the field of advertising and marketing. With elaborate, intricate, photorealistic models, it is now possible to create product images that are indistinguishable from the real deal. This allows you to reach your target with greater ease, as the more detailed a product image, the more trustworthy your brand is.


3D Modeling Manufacturing

As was the case with architecture, manufacturing companies can also use 3D models to show their prospective customers something they couldn’t see before. 3D models can be used to create images of items that are still only in the planning stages – though you’d never tell that just by looking at the image. Thanks to incredibly realistic 3D models, your customer gets to see what they’re getting into before it even physically exists, which on its own makes them more likely to buy your product.

Geology and Science

3D Modeling Geology

Finally, the utility of 3D models goes beyond just marketing and making a profit – it can be used to facilitate the development of humanity’s collective knowledge. Thanks to 3D imaging it is now possible to create realistic 3D models of concepts that have only been theorized or would require incredible amounts of financial input to be tested. 3D models can give you a good visualization of rock formations and other objects of interest, all in order to make studying natural phenomena easier.

3D modelling info-graphic

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