Among Us on Nintendo Switch Let’s You Play Airship Map Early

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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An unintentional glitch for Among Us on Nintendo Switch allows players to play an unreleased map earlier than expected. A map that isn’t supposed to be out until 2021 can now be started earlier than before, and this could mean that having a Nintendo Switch friend as a game host could now be invaluable.

Among Us on Nintendo Switch – The Port Is Sus

Among Us on Nintendo Switch has a rather unique glitch – it allows users to play the recently announced Airship map earlier than expected.

According to a few twitter users who discovered the glitch unintentionally.

And here is a video guide on how to do it.

It does appear that Nintendo Switch players can host the lobby and invite their friends to play it, but the map is also very glitched. As such, if you plan on playing some serious games, you’re going to have a bad time.

The Airship map is supposed to come in Early 2021 as the first piece of content for the year from Innersloth, but it seems to have accidentally made its way to the recent port of the game on Nintendo’s handheld console.

You can still explore the airship and all the parts of it at your leisure, there are still a number of issues that prevent it from being an ideal map for you and your friends, and isn’t in a stable state comparable to Mira HQ, Polus, or The Skeld.

Innersloth should be addressing this issue very soon, and while an early look at the map may have been unintentional on their part, many fans are definitely looking forward to having a 4th map in the rotation as the other maps are becoming a bit tedious. There is only so much play one can get out of the same old maps.

With Airship comes a whole new set of tasks and layouts for players to get used to once more, and it should make an opportunity for some exciting gameplay with friends and family.

If you have played Among Us on Nintendo Switch, let us know if you’ve had a tour of the Airship so far.

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