The Difference Between Paid and Free Versions of Among Us

Kevin Gabeci
Kevin Gabeci
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At this point, we all have heard of the game that has taken over the internet, Among Us. This game that was released in 2018 has seen a huge rise in popularity, it offers a free version and a paid one for only 5$ on steam. But, what’s the difference between the two versions of the same game?

What’s the Difference?

Among Us on PC is available on Steam and for 5$ you can get it. The other version for mobile is free, in Google Play Store and on Apple App Store. The main difference is that players who get the game for free are subject to receiving ads from time to time. It can get annoying but this is how they have decided to monetize their game. Another important issue is that the game will ask you to gather your personal data and later to sell them to big companies. If you are okay with your data being harvested than it’s no problem to get the free game. However, if you don’t want that you can pay a mall fee of 2$. The difference is that when you are on mobile and you pay the fee for your data to be private you still have no access to the cosmetics that PC players receive.

If you buy the game on PC you will have immediate access to a number of cosmetics for your character. Such as a hat, the famous ‘DUM’ notepad, different skins, and even pets. The mobile users however don’t have this option at all. If they need a skin or a hat they need to pay a fixed price of 2$ for an item.

Closing Thoughts

This fun casual game seems like it has no intention of stopping and gaining popularity. Even thought it’s a small game and not very beautifully designed it has gained the attention of a lot of influencers and YouTubers. Have you ever tried the game yourself? If so were you able to win as an imposter? Let us know in the comments below.

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