Apple’s Upcoming Mac Pro is Being Tested with the Updated macOS 13.3

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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The next Mac Pro is reportedly being used by Apple to test out its new macOS 13.3 upgrade. According on the firm’s prior releases, we may be able to guess when the workstation debuts. It seems that the company wants the most recent software to operate on its most powerful computer to date.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman tweeted that the Mac Pro may also be released around the time when macOS 13.3 is expected to go live. To catch you up, macOS 11.3 debuted in April 2021, and macOS 12.3 was published in March 2022. The U.S. spring season begins in late March and lasts until late June, so it stands to reason that announcements on new software and Mac Pro models will likely occur around this period.

Although it is unknown what new features will be included in macOS 13.3, the Mac Pro will probably benefit from them. The modifications will probably be included in the software log when Apple formally releases the update, but we believe that macOS 13.3 may be specially designed to work with the M2 Ultra chipset that will likely be found inside the Mac Pro.

It was previously said that the M2 Extreme SoC will not be included in the hardware requirements since it was cancelled. That only indicates that the M2 Ultra, which will be reserved for the Mac Pro, will be Apple’s most powerful bespoke silicon. Gurman, who previously predicted that the workstation would be around half as large as the Intel-based, now thinks that Apple would use the same chassis for the newer model, which might disappoint some prospective customers.

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