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    Google Duo brings screen sharing for Android phones

    Google Duo has begun initial rollout of its screen sharing feature which is set to make hanging out on phones a new thing.

    Xbox Series X 1 TB expandable storage price confirmed

    After some early rumors, we now have official confirmation about the Xbox Series X 1 TB expandable storage price via a Best Buy listing.

    New WhatsApp feature lets you delete shared media immediately

    A new WhatsApp Feature will let you delete messages as soon as you leave the chat window, allowing you the ability to enhance your privacy.

    Super Mario 64 can now be played without emulation on your smartphone

    Technology may be making leaps and bounds, but it seems Super Mario 64 on smartphone is now possible without emulation but it requires work.

    The Next-Generation Console Showdown – PS5 Vs Xbox

    Sony finally revealed the price of the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition at yesterday's PS5 showcase. However, many fans are now feeling overwhelmed...

    How to pay $4.99 a month for PC Game Pass after beta ends

    If you want to know how to pay $4.99 for PC Game Pass after the beta ends, simply follow the steps in this guide to get more savings.

    Apple aims to make cloud gaming a complex affair on iOS

    Apple is trying its best to try and make cloud gaming on the iOS ecosystem as convoluted as possible to deter competition.

    Xbox Series X VS Xbox Series S – Which console should you go for?

    The Xbox Series X versus Xbox Series S is going to be a debate for new owners of the console, but which console is right for you?

    Brand new Spotify features are coming

    Some new Spotify features are coming soon in the app, but these are experimental features that are still not available to the public.