Battlefield 6 Rumored To Be Heavily Inspired By Battlefield 3

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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It’s been 3 years since Battlefield V but we know now that we might be finally getting a new title. Battlefield 6 has been around the corner for quite a while now. Yet, all we know about is that it is the “largest in scope” of the long running series and that it’s due for release late this year. That was all we knew, until now.

Tom Henderson, a well-reputed source for AAA fps games rumors, is at it again. This time with details about the upcoming Battlefield 6. Or should we simply say “Battlefield”? Because, according to Tom, that is what the next title will be called.

Battlefield 6 To Have 128 Players Maps and Battle Royale

In a series of tweets and in a video that premiered yesterday, Tom revealed a few things.

First, if you were a Battlefield 3 fan, then you should be happy to know the game will be heavily inspired by the 2011 title. Battlefield 6 or simply “Battlefield” is bringing back a lot from the good old fan favorite.

Next up, Tom claimed that the game is currently being developed by 2 studios. They are, however, working in parallel not collaboratively with each studio working on the game for a different generation. That is because, yes, the game is supposedly coming to the PS4 and Xbox One. That said, the old gen ports will invariably have toned down features.

One such feature is the rumored huge 128 player maps. Like another huge title dropping in later this year, Tom stated that Battlefield 6 will feature huge 64vs64 type maps. EA will tone that down to 32vs32 in old gen consoles sadly. But hey, no one wants Battlefield to catch the Cyberpunk syndrome.

And speaking of huge maps, apparently, EA is bringing battle royale to the new Battlefield 6. They may be late to the party, but with the success of Call of Duty Warzone it is no surprise EA needs to rise to the rivalry. Gimmicky cash grab or not, it will be exciting to see if it doesn’t detract from the core of the series.

To close off, Tom Henderson is a reputed figure in the FPS communities. But, a rumor is a rumor. EA is holding off until at least April to release any official statements. Still, the rumors are interesting and they make sense. So, here is to hoping it will be worth the wait.

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