Cyberpunk 1.1 Patch Added A New Game-Breaking Bug

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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CDPR and Cyberpunk 2077 really, really, can’t catch a break. After yesterday’s “major” patch 1.1 you’d think the game would be a whole lot more playable. But it seems that is not entirely the case because, while the update patched up some holes in the original release, it also managed to make a few of its own.

One of yesterday’s patch notes read “Fixed an issue where Takemura wouldn’t call in Down on the Street“. And, that’s completely right because Takemura always calls now. However, the call now – according to some players – breaks the game entirely.

Cyberpunk Game-Breaking Bug in Down on the Street

Cyberpunk players are reporting that in some cases Takemura starts the call, but says nothing at all. This effectively freezes up all and any progress because players can’t move past this. Some users are even reporting that reloading old saves and creating entirely new save files does nothing to help move the story along.

If you’re stuck in one of these terrible loops, do not fret too much. User u/symtryx1 on Reddit outlines a way you can bypass this.

The details are in his post, but the gist of it is that you should call Judy right before his call then take a side job. This reportedly fixes the issue and lets you continue the Takemura call just fine.

But this is all besides the point because, well, we just had a big Cyberpunk patch yesterday. Everyone knows that any bug fixes will definitely spawn more bugs in the process. However, there is a difference between an NPC glitching into a light post and a bug that entirely stops all game progress.

Understandably, a lot of players are growing more and more frustrated with Cyberpunk and CDPR. Yes, technically they followed the roadmap they put forth. But the main objective was getting the game to what was originally promised and not just sticking to an arbitrary plan. Whether you are still holding out for the game to deliver or you are burying your hype already, it will be interesting to see if CDPR can pull off a last minute No Man’s Sky.

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