Discord Screen Sharing for Android is in beta testing – set to go live soon

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Discord Screen Sharing for Android is a feature that many fans were looking forward to as the only other social media app that allows this feature is Facebook Messenger. As a popular app for gamers, the new screen sharing feature could prove useful for its intended audience.

Discord Screen Sharing for Android is coming soon to the public channel

Screen Sharing has become a fairly common practice, this was true early in the year when the global pandemic first hit and with many countries entering a second lockdown, it is now becoming even more true.

Discord is the latest popular to take part in introducing a new feature that is set to be a hit with its audience.

With Discord Screen Sharing for Android, gamers will be able to share their screens with each other just like Facebook Messenger.

First reported by XDA-Developers, the feature is currently in testing phases and just like Facebook’s app, gives the user a big warning that their sensitive information can be seen if they’re not aware.

This means if you’re in a screen share and you decide to type a password, people viewing your share can see the keystrokes on your on-screen keyboard.

The feature is currently in the beta channel for Android phones but it should enter public testing very soon.

As Discord is an increasingly popular app for messaging, it would only make sense for it to implement such a sought after feature. The feature has long been present in the desktop app and is very handy for people to interact with each other from the comfort of their homes, its good to see the feature make its way to our home screens.

While popular messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp still lack the feature, these two apps are by far the most trustworthy to use if you’re looking to test the feature out on our phone and with your friends.

Just make sure that you don’t show any sensitive or confidential content or sensitive information while browsing, otherwise it could land you in some trouble as Discord will not take responsibility over you showing your own information, intentionally or otherwise.

What are your thoughts on the feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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