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Discover FABA

Finally, Venture Capital (VC) meets Blockchain technology thanks to FABA! After years of research and development, traditional VC investment has been successfully combined with the Blockchain technology. FABA is an organization which makes it possible for Venture Capital (VC) investments to be powered using distributed ledger technology. This organization supports innovative companies in various sectors of industry. They are able to make this impact using a FABA token. Here is more about this revolutionary organization and its Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The value of FABA

The FABA token is developed to be a driver of human potential. It is designed to provide a positive impact on human lives. The token is built on the concept of supporting innovative projects in various industries by providing seed and development capital. These funds are generated through an ICO and subsequent investments in this Blockchain ecosystem.

While picking the projects which will benefit from this framework, the FABA administration relies on a decentralised voting system. In this way, the decision-making process is shared. By connecting the Venture Capital (VC) industry with cryptocurrency, FABA creates opportunities for parties operating in both sectors.


FABA bean


Every young company which FABA invests in is fondly referred to as a bean. It is taken care of thoroughly so that it can germinate, grow and produce handsome returns. In conjunction with the young companies, FABA strives to establish strong projects that are fondly referred to as stalks. By implementing Venture Capital (VC) business strategies and Blockchain technology, the stalks can be developed such that they experience dramatic growth towards the sky.


This organization desires to support projects using financial capability and knowledge as well. They use a team of highly experienced individuals to guide the direction of each project and ensure that it is growing in a positive, fruitful path. FABA creates and facilitates the most ideal conditions as well as a robust foundation for growth. By providing VC support in this way, FABA focuses on becoming the biggest Venture Capital (VC) Company that supports innovative, transformational projects that have a positive impact on the environment.

Process of handling projects

FABA invites proposals about innovative projects from the USA, India and the Czech Republic. The company has chosen the USA because it is a high value environment. They picked India because its market is growing rapidly and the Czech Republic because it is highly innovative in new technologies.

After going through the proposals, the innovators who are selected receive an invitation to perform a pitch. This gives FABA a closer look at what you’re offering. If the panel of core staff is pleased with your project, you are taken through a process of due diligence. If the project passes, FABA makes an investment in the project and becomes an equity shareholder.


FABA team

This high level business organization was created by a group of people that are highly experienced and have a vision of supporting projects with the intention of influencing the world in a positive way. The organization is led by Robert Flocius who is its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is assisted by a team of highly qualified and skilled personnel.

Investment strategy

This revolutionary company takes a very professional approach to investment. The FABA mentors and token investors commit their time to the projects in the company’s portfolio. By doing so, the value of your project and FABA as a whole rises dramatically. To ensure that the recipients of investment are able to rise and survive on their own, FABA exits these companies while they are at their peak. This generates a handsome Return On Investment (ROI) for the token investors and allows the projects to thrive independently. FABA has an investment horizon which is set at 8 years. Moreover, token investors are rewarded according to the dividend strategy and the exit time of the company.

Investment sectors

FABA invests in a variety of sectors of industry. Examples of these are:

* Medicine

* Ecosystem

* Inventions

* Information Technology (IT)

* Artificial Intelligence (AI)

* Blockchain Applications

* Robotics

* Hardware

Mechanism of token economics

The FABA ICO is currently ongoing. You can register an account in their official website to participate. You can buy their token using Ethereum (ETH). 1 ETH is worth 84 FABA. Moreover, you can also buy their token using US dollars. 1 USD is equivalent to 1 FABA.

After the ICO is complete, FABA and their token holders will embark on a first round of investments. They will invest in 110 projects from different sectors. The objective is to have between 11 and 17 successful projects. The initial investment that was performed on these successful projects is expected to increase by a factor of 10 to 30 multiples.

In the field of Venture Capital (VC), it is well known that 60% of VC companies will fail with a Return On Investment (ROI) of less than 1. Moreover, those that survive only generate a ROI of between 1 and 5.

FABA aspires to approach Venture Capital (VC) in a different way so as to avoid the chance of failure or low performance. This organization will eliminate the chance of failure by executing comprehensive due diligence processes upon the projects that it invests in. They will also avoid low performance by implementing a tranching mechanism upon the milestones of every project that has been invested in.

This Blockchain VC expects to execute their Seed investments in the initial 1 to 2 years. Moreover, they expect to execute private equity investments after 1 year. This ensures that each type of investment has enough time to grow in value before the organization exits the beneficiary company.

The voting right strategy of FABA is such that each holder of 2000 or more tokens has a right to vote. They can also exercise their opinion on the projects which have been short-listed. Currently, FABA is developing and implementing an interface where project innovators can submit new project proposals. Token holders will also use the same interface to submit their votes on pertinent issues within the organization.


FABA is focused on transforming the world by implementing Blockchain technology in the Venture Capital (VC) industry. By providing a way through which innovative individuals can receive financial and knowledge-based assistance, the organization is able to bring new ideas to life. FABA is a catalyst that transforms innovations into wealth-creating industries. It also provides a platform where you can invest and power today’s ideas to create the industries of the future. Join their ICO today and enjoy handsome returns for the rest of your life!


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