How Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Are Producing Global Solutions Today!

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Jamie Mwangi
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been at the leading edge of technology. It is regarded as a step forward in the evolution of computers. As a matter of fact, a mind-boggling $19.1 billion was spent on AI systems in 2018! Studies show that this amount will compound by a factor of 46% between 2016 and 2021. Mindsync has combined the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the infinite flexibility of the Blockchain. The result is an AI platform that is fully decentralized!

A mecca for all things Artificial Intelligence!

Mindsync Platform Framework

Mindsync provides customers with a digital space where they can request AI solutions. It is also a hub where technology professionals can create or share AI services. Developers, suppliers, experts and customers are invited to exchange value on this AI Blockchain implementation!

In addition to being a center of AI solutions, Mindsync also provides opportunities for wealth creation through its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Here is more on this hybrid platform constructed using the most influential technologies today.

What challenges affect the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today?

Low staffing

There is a stark shortage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) staff. The demand for developers, data scientists, applied AI experts and specialized business developers is growing at an alarming rate. Specialists in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are both rare and extremely expensive. Customers seeking AI solutions have a hard time locating these specialists and an even harder one paying them!

Expensive computing power requirements

The cost of computing power is growing day by day. Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementations such as Deep Learning (DL), Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language processing (NLP) are highly resource-intensive. They require a combination of multiple CPUs and GPUs to provide the required output. Setting them up can cost a fortune!

Ready-made solutions are practically nonexistent

In the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), solutions are often custom-made on request. Customers provide developers with a challenge and they receive a solution that is tailored to their requirements. There are little to no ready-made solutions available for them. This makes the pursuit of AI solutions both time consuming and wildly expensive.

Mindsync provides comprehensive solutions to these problems through its outstanding characteristics.

The Mindsync Mission

Mindsync Mission

Mindsync is a comprehensive platform that provides AI solutions and datasets. Customers can submit tasks and receive solutions through Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science (DS). Developers and experts are also able to participate in competitions. Winners receive attractive rewards and recognition within the platform. Furthermore, all Mindsync transactions are processed using Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Mindsync is both an AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service) and ExaaS (Expert-as-a-Service) platform. It provides a singular marketplace where the globe’s best Artificial Intelligence (AI) hackers, experts, machine learning developers, data scientists, investors, big data suppliers and volunteers can interact. Mindsync also makes it possible for customers to access high-quality AI solutions which are cheaper, more flexible and easier to use!

How does Mindsync work?

For most people, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Blockchain are high-level concepts. Therefore, how exactly will the two work together for a better Machine Learning (ML) and Data Sets (DS) experience? Interestingly, it is all quite simple as explained below:

  • A customer can post a task in the Mindsync platform in the form of a challenge. The challenge has specific, detailed requirements, datasets, rewards and a deadline. The customer determines the amount of reward which is assigned to each task. This reward is given to the developer who solves the challenge. If a group of developers collaborate towards this objective, the reward is divided among them.
  • Experts assist the customer to prepare and package the challenge by explaining the rules of competition as well as the quality assessment procedure for all solutions which are submitted. The final version of the challenge is then posted on Mindsync. For this role, the experts are rewarded.
  • DS/ML developers tackle the challenge. They can do so individually or in groups. Their work is highly competitive. Therefore, the programmers speed up the process of development while increasing the quality of their results. By doing so, they reduce the cost of acquiring the solution for the customer.
  • Developers rely on miners, Cloud providers or supercomputers to collect the computing power which is necessary for generating the AI solution. The process of computing power collection is kept transparent. This way, the developers can focus purely on the task at hand. Those who supply the computing power receive their payments immediately after their resources have been used. Furthermore, the developers whose solutions are accepted by the customer automatically receive rewards according to the applicable guidelines.
  • All the datasets and solutions which are used in the process are hashed. These hashes are held in a Blockchain so as to maintain integrity and prevent any further changes. Experts review the solutions and rate developers. Their reviews are written and stored in the Blockchain.
  • Finally, the customer gets the absolute best solution for their task. They are also furnished with the datasets and algorithms which were used in the development of the solution. The customer also receives expert reviews regarding their challenge. After this, the customer may post the paid solution on Mindsync. This can generate additional revenue through sales.
  • Volunteers and the Mindsync community can also post their own Data Sets or algorithms on These resources can be provided for free or for sale.

Characteristics of Mindsync

A singular platform

Mindsync provides a single platform where you can post free or paid AI challenges to solve real-world problems. By providing a singular platform, Mindsync maximizes convenience. Customers submit challenges and AI/DS/ML developers provide the solutions. Interestingly, these solutions are tested and launched within the Mindsync platform. This way, the customer is sure that it is effective and will work as expected. Through Mindsync, customers can also integrate solutions into other existing businesses or platforms.

Access to reused or customized orders

Within Mindsync, a customer can order a brand-new, tailor-made Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. They can also buy an enterprise-ready solution directly from Mindsync’s repository. How amazing is that?

All the ready-made solutions are rated by the community’s experts to ensure high quality. By purchasing solutions, customers can save a lot of time and receive effective AI products too!

An opportunity for investment through the Mindsync token

Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents the future of computing. Therefore, it is immensely profitable. Enterprising individuals are already investing in the Mindsync token. This cryptocurrency is used to handle all payments within this platform. Early investors can enjoy dividends after the Mindsync token rises in value with the platform’s growing influence across the globe.

A unique feature of Mindsync is that investors can sponsor teams or challenges. They can also mete a prize fund and receive income from any solutions that are sold. If they serve as sponsors for the teams which participate in challenges, investors can also receive a share from the prize fund.

The Mindsync Token statistics

Name: Mindsync Coin

Symbol: MAI

Type: ERC-20

Current price: $0.14

Blockchain: Ethereum

Tokens available for public sale: 500,000,000

Total possible tokens: 1,000,000,000

Softcap: 30,000,000 MAI

Hardcap: 70,000,000 MAI

Purchasable through: USD, BTC, LTC, ETH and 120+ altcoins

The Mindsync Coin Public Sale began in March 2019 and is ending in July 2019.

The many roles of the Mindsync Coin

The Mindsync platform implements flexibility in all its aspects. Thus, its token exhibits this characteristic as well. The Mindsync Coin is the standard medium of all transactions performed in the platform. As such, customers submit payment in form of MAI and developers are rewarded in the same digital currency.

The Mindsync Token also facilitates investment. This digital currency is capable of performing all these roles due to its fundamental ERC-20, utility structure. It ensures transparency, versatility and supreme security for all stakeholders on Mindsync.

For maximum efficiency, the total number of tokens are distributed strategically:

Mindsync token distribution

  • 50% is allocated to the public sale
  • 8% is allocated to the Mindsync foundation
  • 2% is reserved as a bounty
  • 5% is dedicated to the advisors
  • 15% is allocated to the Mindsync development team
  • 20% is reserved for the reward pool

After the public sale is over, the accumulated funds will be divided according to this strategic distribution:

Mindsync fund allocation

  • 53% will be set aside for further Mindsync development
  • 15% will be set aside for marketing and community building
  • 9% will be allocated to operation and reserves
  • 12% is set aside for business development
  • 8% will be used for further research
  • 3% will be implemented for legal and compliance purposes

The brainy people behind the Mindsync AI Platform

Core Team

A collection of some of the smartest people on the planet are responsible for bringing the Mindsync AI platform to fruition.

Konstantin Bogolepov

Leading the pack is Konstantin Bogolepov. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mindsync AI. He provides leadership and strategic genius for the company.

Dmitry Timoshenko

Dmitry Timoshenko is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The technical aspects of Mindsync fall under his purview.

Mikhail Trofimov

Mikhail Trofimov is the Head of Competitions and Data Scientist at the company. Also a Kaggle Grandmaster, he ensures that all user data is organized accurately, information flows smoothly and competitions are handled astutely.

Elena Liakou

Elena Liakou ensures that you are greeted by a beautiful, interactive and intuitive user interface upon logging into the Mindsync platform. She is the head of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).


Even the best technologists need some guidance. At Mindsync, this responsibility falls in the capable hands of expert, experienced advisors.

Gilberto Titericz

Chief among them is Gilberto Titericz. He is a Machine Learning Expert and provides advice on the same specialization.

Laura Zaharia

Laura Zaharia is the Marketing Advisor. She directs Mindsync’s online brand awareness strategy so as to reach stakeholders and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Carlo Buonpane

Carlo Buonpane handles investor relations. He ensures that everyone who believes in the future of Mindsync can smoothly get on board by purchasing the MAI. He also furnishes investors with information about the company’s progress for the purpose of investment tracking.

Mohamed Shoieb

Mohamed Shoieb is the advisor for Business Development. Under his guidance, Mindsync is growing into a global juggernaut in the field of Artificial Intelligent (AI) solutions.

Guillaume Micouin

Guillaume Micouin is the Chairman at ABC Corporation and an advisor at Mindsync. He provides expert business advice and guidance so as to make sure that the company flourishes as a modern, Blockchain-based corporation.

Florian Rezeau

Florian Rézeau is the Brand Management Advisor. He created and continuously maintains a high-tech, reliable and profitable public perception of Mindsync.

Bryan Blaevoet

Bryan Blaevoet is the Advisor on matters to do with listing on trading platforms. His work to is to guide Mindsync on listing the MAI coin on cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe for easy access by investors.

Corporate partners

Mindsync partners

Mindsync partners

Mindsync has also partnered with many influential companies in the fields of technology and beyond. Some examples of these are CortexLab, BESTRATE, SONM and allbebet among others. They provide valuable assistance through all stages of Mindsync development.

The Mindsync AI Platform roadmap

Mindsync roadmap

Mindsync roadmap

Mindsync burst onto the scene during its Presale in December 2018. The platform and associated token received a very warm welcome. This inspired a fully Public sale in March 2019. The public sale will continue until the beginning of Quarter 3 in 2019.

At this juncture of the Mindsync AI Platform roadmap, the Alpha Stage will begin. The platform’s community will be official constituted and kernels presented for customers, developers, experts and enthusiasts to view. IFPS storage will also be implemented in the Alpha Stage.

In Quarter 4 of 2019, things will get even more exciting in the Mindsync AI Platform! There will be multiple competitions and the marketplace will be set up. An ExaaS framework will be established as well.

Quarter 1 of 2020 will see the official release of the Mindsync AI Platform. Its API, DAO and Scalable Solutions will be in place to ensure interaction, benefit and profit for the Mindsync community and stakeholders.


There’s no denying the immense magnitude of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world of technology. Previously a preserve of the ultra-technical, AI is now being implemented in Fintech, manufacturing, automobiles, laboratories and even fitness! This has led to a burgeoning demand for AI solutions. Mindsync provides these solutions as well as expert advice on their implementation. It is a singular platform where customers can post challenges and receive solutions from developers along with guidance from AI experts. Mindsync solves all the problems which currently plague the AI industry in one fell swoop. It is the Swiss Army knife of AI and heralds a new perspective on the future of technology!

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