DJI Pocket 3: Release Date, Specs, And All We Know

Abeerah Hashim
Abeerah Hashim
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The success of the fantastic DJI Pocket 2 handheld camera triggered gossip for the subsequent release. And now, the rumor mill has confirmed that the DJI Pocket 3 is set to arrive this year – perhaps, by November 2022.

Until now, the digital world is rife with tons of theories about what the new gadget will have on offer. But, amidst all the speculations and expectations, we managed to identify some nearly-confirmed possibilities that include,

  • Improved camera
  • Better audio support
  • Internal speakers
  • App upgrades
  • Removable battery
  • Built-in WiFi connectivity
  • Form factor upgrades

So, here’s a quick roundup of everything you should know about the DJI Pocket 3 release date, potential features, specs, and more.

DJI Pocket 3 Release Date

The Chinese conglomerate, usually recognized as DJI, released its flagship DJI Pocket 2 in late 2020. More specifically, that handheld camera arrived in October 2020, endorsing its speculated arrival in the fall of that year.

So, given this timeline, the upcoming DJI Pocket 3 will probably be in the market by the end of this year. Moreover, the leaked DJI roadmap DealsDrone shared in December 2021 also mentioned the P3 arrival in November 2022.

Although, that’s an unofficial roadmap. And it’s unclear how and from where they received it. Yet, it seems true, or nearly true, considering the mentioned release date for the DJI Mini 3 in April 2022. (The company released it on May 10, 2022, close to the predicted date).

Thus, you can expect the DJI Pocket 3 release in or around November 2022.

DJI Pocket 3 Expected Features And Specs

The much-anticipated DJI Pocket 3 will arrive two years after the previous iteration. The firm’s last release – DJI Pocket 2 – was a significant upgrade from the older 2018-flagship DJI Osmo Pocket. It introduced many exciting features and specifications. For instance, the camera can pull off 64MP photographs, boasts larger sensors, includes the new “Fast Wake” feature, supports HDR videos, and takes better selfies. (This DJI iteration deservingly scored better than its rival GoPro Hero 10 during our review.)

However, it also exhibits some problems per customer reviews that mar its overall usefulness. So, given how the company decided to launch another variant after two years, we can expect the DJI Pocket 3 as another significant upgrade.

While nothing is official yet, some hints regarding what the DJI P3 shall bring for us are available. So, here’s a sneak peek at the potential DJI Pocket 3 features and specs.

Improved Camera

dji pocket 2 camera

The DJI Osmo Pocket featured a 1/2.3-inch sensor. Then, the vendors increased the sensor size to 1/1.17-inch with DJI Pocket 2. This significant upgrade empowered the camera to capture higher-quality visuals, including HDR videos.

So, how about getting an even larger, say, 1-inch sensor with the DJI Pocket 3? (Even imaging the quality of videos, the camera would record this way, is surreal.) Perhaps, such an upgrade would address the current DJI P2 issues with the night mode.

Besides, DJI significantly improved the gimbal with the two iterations over the years, enhancing the pan and tilt ranges. So, that’s another thing we may expect the company to improve with its upcoming camera.

Better Audio Support

Indeed, greater audio quality is the key to making immersive footage. So, it makes perfect sense for the Shenzhen giant to improve its latest DJI Pocket camera model with even better audio recording features.

Comparing the 2018-launched DJI Osmo vs. DJI Pocket 2 shows how the company enhanced its handheld camera with better audio by introducing the “DJI Matrix Stereo” powered by four microphones. The P2 model also flaunts a smart-sensing technology for automatic audio enhancements according to the camera direction. So, the developers might finalize including third-party mic support with a dedicated jack.

Internal Speakers

Some speculations also suggest the introduction of internal speakers with the upcoming variant. However, given the device’s small size, we are curious how the company would manage including quality speakers.

App Upgrades

It’s been a while since DJI upgraded its Mimo App supporting the Pocket cameras despite recurrent customer complaints about various glitches. So perhaps, the upcoming Pocket 3 would also bring a major app update with bug fixes.

Removable Battery

Given how even the most durable batteries quickly deteriorate in a couple of years, introducing removable batteries is inevitable for DJI to keep the customers glued. Looks like the vendors have realized this necessity as well. Hence, the DJI Pocket 3 is rumored to feature a removable battery.

Indeed, such an introduction will not only allow the users to make the best of their cameras on the go. Also, it would significantly address the battery heating issue in the existing non-removable versions.

Built-in WiFi Connectivity

dji pocket 2 wifi

The only prominent feature the existing DJI Pocket line-up lacked was the support for catchy live streaming videos. But the vendors have supposedly decided to fix this lacking with the upcoming variant.

The DJI Pocket 3 will bring built-in WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity for live streaming. It doesn’t mean you have no workaround available, like the DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo supports live streaming with the included Do-It-All handle.

Form Factor Upgrades

We already expected a few tweaks with the form factor, adding to the device’s weight. The DJI Pocket 2 is an existing example of such upgrades, weighing slightly more than its previous variant due to the increased sensor size.

Besides, the speculated upgrades regarding the built-in connectivity and internal speakers would significantly impact the product design.

Nonetheless, a recent leak hints at a significant upgrade in the device design. As the user revealed on the Chinese site Baidu, the upcoming DJI Pocket flagship might actually be a blend of DJI Pocket 2 and DJI Action 2, as evident from the leaked patent designs.

Specifically, the following leaked design images show that the camera might have,

  • Square camera resembling the DJI Action 2
  • Dual-screen design
  • Two physical buttons
Source: Baidu
Source: Baidu

The design also suggests the device’s handiness as it can be folded when not used. Also, it may display separate content on the two screens and feature a simple magnetically mounted camera on the gimbal. This Youtube explains more about the patent design. However, regardless of whether it appears with the Pocket 3, the patent design is quite impressive.

Things We Want To See

While we expect the DJI Pocket 3 to come with visible upgrades, we also anticipate the device to bring some other tweaks to win over the competition. So here’s what we like to see in the device (and perhaps, you may wish the same too).

10-bit HDR

Though the existing DJI Pocket 2 flaunts improved results with 8-bit color. Yet, it’s less than the marketed claims of HDR support, which is actually 10-bit color and not 8-bit. So, with DJI P3, getting the real HDR 10-bit would be great.

Astrography Mode

That’s another feature that most DJI P2 users ask for – a dedicated astrography mode. According to a Reddit user, features like long exposure (more than 8 seconds), together with a large sensor, would be impressive.

Waterproof Design

The DJI P3 rival camera GoPro Hero 10 has been the users’ choice for its ultimate waterproof design. This flagship can withstand depths up to 33ft – thanks to its durable camera and rugged design. DJI may significantly improve its Pocket series by introducing this feature with Pocket 3.

Better Heat Dissipation

Excessive device heat-up is a significant hurdle in DJI Pocket series popularity. Even the innovative DJI P2 flagship failed to satisfy customers due to overheating issues. Maybe, improving the processor and including some air vents or heatsinks can help in better heat dissipation.

DJI Pocket 3 Price

The previous DJI pocket camera came with a $349 price tag – a little more expensive than its predecessor Osmo Pocket, priced at $299.

So now, considering the significant changes the DJI Pocket 3 will introduce, expect the camera to range between $450-$500. Yet, it’s merely an estimated price range based on the market situation and the costs for its rival brands.

DJI Pocket 3 Alternatives

Since the DJI Pocket 3 model is yet to arrive, you won’t be wrong to look for its alternatives meanwhile. So, here are a few worthy models you’d love to try.

Wrapping Up

Considering the seemingly unchallenged reign of DJI over drone and handheld cameras, expect the DJI Pocket 3 to be big. The company has a demonstrated history of improving its products as they launch new models. So, the upcoming Pocket 3 may also address the existing Pocket 2 glitches alongside bringing in new features.

For now, that’s all we know. But we’ll keep updating this roundup as we hear more. So, keep an eye out here to stay updated!

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